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The Whitworth University Library Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Service assists in supporting the information and research needs of the students, faculty, and staff by borrowing materials which are not available from within the library. ILL is a formal agreement among libraries to share materials with, or provide photocopies to, other libraries. If you cannot locate the research materials you need in the Whitworth Catalog, or Periodical List you may initiate an interlibrary loan request. In addition, the Other Libraries page and Worldcat allow access to library catalogs at other institutions both in the area and nationally.

Eligible Borrowers: ILL services are intended for Whitworth students, faculty, and staff. (For special exceptions to this general policy, see ILL policy.)

Turnaround Time: The time it takes to receive requested material generally depends upon the location of the lending library. The lending library determines whether an item can be provided, the length of time item is on loan, and the time it takes to process the request. The average length of time for articles is 6 working days and 12 for books. If the material is needed by a specific deadline, please indicate this on the request form.

Charges: For current Whitworth students, faculty, and staff, the library covers all loan transaction fees, with the exception of any special fees for "rush" requests, which are passed on to the requestor.

All others, if granted exceptional privileges, shall reimburse transactions fees as well as photocopying or printing charges levied by the lending library. Articles transmitted online and printed locally are charged at 10 cents per page. All charges are to be paid on receipt of the ILL item.

Fines/Replacement Costs: Copies of journal articles are yours to keep. You are expected to return all other materials by the due date and are responsible for any overdue fines or replacement costs for lost items. You are also expected to comply with any special loan conditions imposed by the lending library.

Renewals: If a renewal is needed, ask the ILL staff to request it before the due date, but realize that some libraries do not renew ILL materials.

Request Procedure: First check the library's collection. If our library does not own a specific title you need, fill out the electronic form on this page. Be sure to include today's date, the complete citation, the source of the citation, your phone number, and e-mail address. The ILL office will notify you by phone or e-mail when your requested item arrives.

Contact: Nancy A. Bunker, 509.777.4481 or Barb Carden, 509.777.3767 or ill@whitworth.edu