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Endorsement Information

Experiential Requirements

  • Meet with one of the program advisors
  • Enroll in Leadership Development course, preferably Foundations of Christian Leadership or Diverse Christian Leadership
  • Apply during freshman or sophomore year (through the Office of Church Engagement online application)
  • Meet for at least one year with a mentor (subject to approval)
  • Participate in a small group
  • Serve one summer in ministry through the OCE Summer Fellowship Program (or other approved practicum)
  • Attend occasional lectures and conferences related to ministry
  • Commit to at least one year of ministry on campus (as an RA, CMC, etc.) or off campus (church ministry, Young Life, Youth for Christ, World Relief, etc.)

Academic Requirements

In addition to theology major and minor requirements:

Complete one "Ministry Skills" course:

  • TH 317: Cross-Cultural Ministry (3)
  • TH 324: The Missional Church (3)
  • TH 334: Youth Ministry (3)
  • TH 339: Gospel & Growth in a Post-Christian Context (3)
  • TH 375: Soul Care Through Life Stages (3)

Complete one "Leadership Development" course:

  • TH 172: Foundations of Christian Leadership I: Fall (2)
  • TH 173: ;Foundations of Christian Leadership I: Spring (2)
  • TH 381: Campus Ministry (2)
  • TH 380: Young Life Practicum (3)
  • TH 174: Diverse Christian Leadership (3)

Complete both "Ministry Preparation Courses":

  • TH 433: Theology and Practice of Ministry I (1)
  • TH 434: Theology and Practice of Ministry II (1)


The purpose of the mentoring component of this program is to assist training fellows as they seek to learn from their ministry experience. The best way to do that is by linking them with a person of wisdom and experience, as if they were apprentices learning from a master. We suggest that fellows use the following guidelines:

  • Find a mentor who is experienced and available.
  • Receive final approval from one of the advisers/leaders in the Whitworth Ministry Endorsement Program.
  • Meet regularly with the mentor (every two weeks, minimum).
  • Reflect on the following questions during your meetings:
    • How are you doing in your life?
    • What is God teaching you through your circumstances? Through Scripture? Through friendships? Through responsibilities?
    • What are you doing and learning in ministry?
    • What challenges are you facing?
    • What responsibilities must you fulfill?
    • What changes should you make in light of these questions?
    • What disciplines should you put into action?
  • End every meeting in prayer.

Small Groups

The purpose of the small group component to this program is to allow ministry fellows to create a support system for them during their ministry experience. The goal of a small group is that it would become your primary spiritual community, in which you are able to process goals, challenges and successes in your ministry. We suggest that ministry fellows use the following guidelines when seeking a small group:

  • Find a small group directly through the ministry that you serve in, at your church, on campus or informally.
  • Receive approval from one of the advisers/leaders in the Whitworth Ministry Endorsement program.
  • Share with your small group about what your current role is in ministry - be specific about the challenges that you have and the areas that you would request prayer in.
  • Encourage depth, vulnerability and commitment from each member of your small group, also demonstrating these characteristics yourself.
  • End each small group meeting in prayer.
  • Note: If you have trouble finding a small group, please contact one of the program advisers and they can help you plug in on campus.

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