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Hawthorne House

The lot on which Hawthorne House stands was part of an original parcel of property owned by Jay P. Graves, one of Spokane's most important land developers. When Whitworth College was lured to Spokane from Tacoma in 1914, Graves designated approximately 100 acres to be sold near the college with the funds being used to support college operations. This lot was part of that sale.

The home, completed in 1924, was originally owned by the George Petsch family. In 1942, it was purchased by the college and subsequently occupied by college president Frank Warren and his family between 1940 and 1963. After a series of renovations, academic vice president Darrell Guder and his wife Judy began restoring the historic character of the house. Between 1993 and 2010, Bill Robinson and his family lived in the home and regularly hosted gatherings with students, faculty and staff and visiting speakers and artists.

Today, Hawthorne House is home to President Beck A. Taylor and his family. It continues to be an important building in the history of Whitworth University and the source of many wonderful memories for members of the Whitworth community.

Hawthorne House, a white two-story home.