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Off-Campus Housing Listing

Property Details
Address 1234 Test Avenue
Unit T123
Test City, WA 99016
Type of Residence Apartment
Date Property Becomes Available 04/27/2020
Distance From Campus 22.00 miles
Is the property furnished? No
Ammenities Air Conditioning
Max Occupants 1
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 2
Floor 1
Flooring in Main Living Area Carpet
Parking Availability This is just a test
This is just a test
Rental Details
Monthly Rent $55
Security Deposit $66
Minimum Lease Duration (months) 6 months
Rent is Negotiable No
Includes Garbage Pickup
Pets Allowed No
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Contact Information
Name Test Tester
Phone 123.123.1234
Date Submitted 4/27/2020 10:25:28 AM