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Chapel Community Worship

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11-11:30 a.m.
Where: Seeley G. Mudd Chapel

This twice-weekly worship service allows the Whitworth community to gather together in an expression of our commitment to honor God, follow Christ, and serve humanity. Each worship service is led by the campus ministry staff and student leaders as we draw upon all that has been given to us: the Bible, the two millennia of church tradition, the best of contemporary music, the spirituality of written prayers, the sharing of communion together, the power of liturgical symbols and dance, the joy of global music, and the witness of the worldwide Christian community.

Tuesday services are centered on the chapel theme for the semester and typically include two to three songs of praise, prayer, and a short sermon connected with the chapel theme. Every Thursday we gather around the table to celebrate the Lord's Supper as we learn and grow in our various gifts and offer our lives to God through diverse worship styles. Services will be led by Whitworth University choirs and by sacred dancers and many other members of the Whitworth community.

Spring Semester 2017

Encountering Jesus in the Psalms: Living Honestly with God

In the book of Psalms, we find every human emotion honestly brought before God, and we discover the assertion that God reigns, regardless of life's circumstances. The book of Psalms is also the primary means by which God's people have learned to pray throughout history. As we bring our whole selves to God in the Psalms in chorus with the people of God through the ages, we also encounter Jesus Christ: Jesus prayed the Psalms as a first-century Jewish man; he sang the Psalms with his disciples; he cried out from the cross with words from the Psalms; and the New Testament places the words of the Psalms on Jesus' lips. As we meet Jesus in the Psalms, we come to realize that he has brought and continues to bring our complete human experience before God in his very person by the Holy Spirit. Join us in Chapel Community Worship this semester as we encounter Jesus in the Psalms and receive the invitation to live honestly and freely together before God. 

Date ThemeDate Theme
Feb. 2 Convocation March 23 Music and Prayer
Feb. 7 Psalms 1 and 2
Intro and the Happy Life in Submission to Jesus
Rev. Forrest Buckner
March 28 Spring Break
Feb. 9 Commissioning Service March 30 Spring Break
Feb. 14 Psalms 46
The Lord Reigns
Rev. Mindy Smith
April 4 Psalms 16
Trust in the Midst of Darkness (even Death)
Rev. Mindy Smith
Feb. 16 Music and Prayer April 6 Music and Prayer
Feb. 21 Psalms 7
Plea to God the Judge
Rev. Forrest Buckner
April 11 Psalms 22
Jesus' Lament and Trust in his Darkest Hour
Rev. Forrest Buckner
Feb. 23 Music and Prayer April 13 Men's Chorus
Feb. 28 Psalms 32
True Repentance before God
Rev. Stephy Nobles-Beans
April 18 Psalms 118
The Joy of Deliverance
Rev. Forrest Buckner
March 1 Ash Wednesday Service - 7:30 a.m. April 20 Music and Prayer
March 2 Whitworth University Choir April 25 Psalms 19
Praise and Penitence before the Great Creator and Lawgiver
Rev. Mindy Smith
March 7 Psalms 139
Intimate Relationship with the God Who Knows Me
Beck A. Taylor
April 27 Women's Choir
March 9 Guest - Kristen Johnson May 2 Psalms 130
On a Journey with God: Pilgrimage, Penitence, Lament, and Hope
Rev. Forrest Buckner
March 14 Psalms 137
God's Hatred toward Evil
Rev. Forrest Buckner
May 4 Music and Prayer
March 16 Music and Prayer May 9 Psalms 145
Our True End
Rev. Forrest Buckner
March 21 Psalms 23
Trust in God our Good Shepherd
Kent McDonald
May 11 Music and Prayer