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Whitworth Academic Scholarships

College Bound Scholarship/Whitworth Bound Scholarship

College Bound Scholarship

The College Bound Scholarship Program is an early commitment of financial aid from the state of Washington. To be eligible, students must sign up for the program in middle school; graduate from a Washington high school or home school program with a 2.0 GPA or higher; be good citizens who have never been convicted of a felony; apply to an eligible college; and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in a timely manner. They must also have a family income that falls within 65 percent of the state's median family income. The amount of the scholarship is based on tuition and an allowance for books at a public university, and the full amount of the scholarship is applied to tuition, room and board costs at Whitworth.

Whitworth Bound Scholarship

Incoming freshmen and transfer students from the state of Washington who meet all requirements for the College Bound Scholarship may be entitled to receive the Whitworth Bound Scholarship, which covers 100 percent of Whitworth tuition (using federal, state and university funds). Admitted College Bound-eligible freshmen who submit their FAFSAs to Whitworth and have a 3.5 cumulative, weighted high school GPA, or, if home-schooled, have a 1700 SAT (2400 scale)/1220 (1600 scale)/25 ACT super score, will automatically receive the Whitworth Bound Scholarship. Likewise, admitted College Bound-eligible transfers who submit their FAFSAs to Whitworth and have a 3.25 cumulative college GPA will automatically receive the Whitworth Bound Scholarship, which can be renewed as long as the student maintains College Bound Scholarship eligibility and meets satisfactory academic-progress requirements. Students have eight semesters of eligibility in the College Bound Program. The Whitworth Bound Scholarship is only awarded to students with College Bound eligibility and is only available in the fall and spring semesters. Students can choose to use College Bound Scholarship funds during the summer, but this would count toward their eight semesters of eligibility. Eligibility for the Whitworth Bound Scholarship ends once a student has received his or her full eight semesters of the College Bound Scholarship. To be considered automatically, just apply for admission to Whitworth University and submit your FAFSA.

Talent and Participation Scholarships

Whitworth University Diversity Scholarship

Description: Awarded to students from an underrepresented racial or ethnic population (Hispanic, Asian American, African American, Native American or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander) OR to students who, during the past three years, have lived in a culture outside their own in which they have been a part of a significantly underrepresented population for a year or more.
Application: Admissions application
Amount: $2,000
Renewal: Up to four years
Deadline: None listed

Whitworth University Alumni Scholarship

  • Description: Awarded to incoming students who are dependents of Whitworth University alumni
  • Application: Admissions application
  • Amount: $1,000
  • Renewal: Up to four years
  • Deadline: None listed

Whitworth Donor-Sponsored Scholarships

Scholarships established by individual donors, corporations and foundations are available for students currently attending Whitworth full time. These scholarships are generally between $1,000 and $5,000.

The Donor-Sponsored Scholarship Application  is now open for application for currently enrolled Whitworth students planning to return for the 2018-19 academic year. The priority deadline to submit your application will be Feb. 15, 2018, but those who submit their applications earliest have the best chance at being awarded a scholarship. 

Whitworth Affiliate Scholarships

Whitworth is affiliated with a number of outside organizations to coordinate scholarships for Whitworth students:

  • Distinguished Young Women College-Grant Scholarship                                                                                          Distinguished Young Women Program participants who qualify for a Whitworth Academic Scholarship will receive an $1,000 Whitworth DYW Affiliate Scholarship. Winners for each state will qualify for the larger $2,000 Whitworth DYW Affiliate Scholarship. Contact information from your local DYW chairperson must be provided for verification of program participation.
  • National Presbyterian Scholarship Program
  • National Merit Scholarship semifinalists
    National Merit semifinalists who advance to finalist standing and enroll at Whitworth University are eligible to receive the $2,000 Academic Achievement Scholarship, which is renewable for up to four years. Please contact the Whitworth Financial Aid Office if you qualify for this scholarship.
  • Passport to College Promise Scholarship
  • Spokane Scholars Program
    Spokane Scholars grant recipients will be awarded a Whitworth match equal to the grant amount received through Spokane Scholars for their freshman year only. Match amounts will be $4,000, $3,000, $2,000 or $1,000, depending upon which Spokane Scholars academic category the student is awarded.

Outside Scholarship Information

Reporting Expected Outside Scholarship Funds

The Whitworth University Financial Aid Office requests that all expected outside scholarships be reported to our office by phone, by email or by using this easy online form. We will include these scholarships in your financial aid award. This information is also used by the student accounts office to recognize outside scholarships as a resource toward your costs and to reduce the amount you owe the university.

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