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Exploring and Experiencing God Alongside Children, Families and Congregations

We believe that young children have as much to teach us about God as we do them, that faith is not primarily an intellectual endeavor, and that the daily rhythms of our lives provide the best opportunities to disciple our children as followers of Jesus.

But how exactly can families integrate discipleship into mealtimes, bath times and playtime? How can parents and caregivers overcome the fear of "messing up" their kids' faith life? How can churches become partners in raising faithful kids? These are the questions that animate the work of the Formed in Faith Project and questions we want to help you answer.
This project is for parents (or anyone who is a primary caregiver) of young children and children's ministry leaders who are interested in exploring what it looks like to nurture a family culture infused with rhythms of faith from birth, how to pray with your toddler or how to engage with God alongside your child. If you feel ill-equipped, under-resourced, or just want to do this hard work in community with other caregivers and ministry leaders, then join us.

Fill out the interest form on the Parents & Caregivers or Churches & Ministry Leaders pages below to stay connected to the project.

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Formed in Faith Values

As we engage this work alongside families and ministry leaders, we are committed to upholding the following values:

  • Faith Formation Is a Team Sport: Parents and caregivers are not alone in the discipleship of children. God is, all the time, parenting alongside us, and God has given us the gift of community to love our kids too. Our children are God's children too, so we can rest in the assurance of his care for our kids.
  • Formation Is a Two-Way Street: Our youngest children have a lot to teach us about knowing God, and our own faith will be transformed if we are willing to explore and wonder alongside them. Faith formation extends far beyond intellectual mastery of information.
  • Faith Formation Is Contextual: Shaping a child's faith should never start with a formula. Every child is different, every family is different, every community is different, and every church is different. Instead, we focus on tools that can then be appropriated and applied to different contexts.
  • Parenthood Is an Important Calling: The daily work of caring for a home and a family is holy work. Parenthood is a unique calling through which we are formed and form our children. Parents and caregivers need to be equipped with tools, resources and a community in order to wisely and intentionally cultivate a family life that is awake to God's presence.
  • Children Bear God's Image: The church should be first to acknowledge children as equal members and image-bearers in the household of God and should consider how to witness to God's radically inclusive Kingdom by honoring their full participation in faith spaces. We will all be richer for it.

Meet Our Team

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Lauren Hunter

Project Director

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Alexis Perry

Communications Coordinator

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Stacy George

Research Specialist

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Anne Wilcox

Pedagogy Specialist

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Jess Beine

Childcare Director