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Whitworth University is nationally ranked, private Christian liberal arts institution serving undergraduate, graduate and adult undergraduate students. Our campus is nestled among 200 acres of stately pines in Spokane, Wash., the hub of the scenic Inland Northwest. Our community of committed Christian faculty and staff employees carries out the university’s mission "to provide its diverse student body an education of the mind and heart," equipping its graduates "to honor God, follow Christ and serve humanity." We invite you to join us in our mission!

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What Employees Appreciate Most About Working at Whitworth

My favorite thing about working at Whitworth is the supportive culture and community of the staff and faculty.

I work with people who care about who I am as a person, not just work-related things.

The people: students, mission, faculty and colleagues, and knowing how valuable my specific work contributes to the university.

Working with students and the mission of the university.