to the table

The summer after I graduated from Whitworth, in 1992, I moved into a studio apartment above Professor of English Vic Bobb's garage. The apartment featured shag carpet, a three-quarter wall between the sleeping area and the living room, and a low, sloped ceiling that made showering upright impossible. This was the first space I had lived alone in and I loved it. For d├ęcor, my mom sewed a tablecloth for the dining table and on the partial wall I hung my first piece of framed art, which I had bought at a grocery store.

I was proud of my new digs and wanted to show them off, so I decided to host a dinner party. The guest list? Vic and his wife, Cathy; Professor of History Dale Soden, who had been my academic advisor; and Whitworth staff members Terry Rayburn Mitchell, '93, and Cheryl Florea Vawter, '94, who both worked in the Lindaman Center at the time and with whom I had worked as a student.

It didn't occur to me that I shouldn't invite them. I didn't consider that they wouldn't come.

This is one of the many qualities that make Whitworth special to me: faculty and staff members who will spend their evening with a 22-year-old recent graduate, sitting hunched beneath a sloped ceiling, eating spaghetti at a cramped table. I can no longer recall our conversation, but I can still hear our laughter. In future issues of Whitworth Today, this page will be a place to share voices of the Whitworth community. I look forward to our conversation.


Remember The Red Book? Starting in 1986, students were required to use this booklet to record their progress toward earning their degree (mine is pictured at left). A computer program took over The Red Book's duties in 1994.

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