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The Whitworth Intramural Sports Program provides the campus community with the opportunity to participate in a number of sports. The goal is for students to participate in sports in a fun and friendly environment.

Whitworth asks that intramurals athletes uphold high standards of integrity and fair play, acknowledging the idea of cooperative competition.

Please contact IM Coordinator Dylan Thiel ( or Assistant IM Coordinator Lauryn Penner ( with any questions, concerns or comments.

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Intramurals Start Here

Whitworth University, intramurals start here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are intramurals?

Intramurals are designed to engage the campus community in a number of sports throughout the academic year. These sports provide competition on campus for both recreational and competitive athletes. Teams compete once or twice a week for four weeks with one week of playoffs.

Who is eligible to play intramurals? 

Any current Whitworth University student/faculty/staff member who has a valid ID. Graduate students, please speak to IM Coordinator Dylan Thiel (

How do I register for intramurals?

First, make sure that you have one of the IM memberships mentioned below. They are single sport, semester unlimited or year unlimited.

Secondly, download Fusion Play from the Apple or Android Store. Once it is on your phone, follow the prompts to log in to the application. It uses single sign-on technology (SSO) which means to only use your current Whitworth username and password. It will also require you to authenticate via Duo.

How do I pay for intramurals?

Payment can be made by purchasing one of the IM membership packages online, through registration, or by visiting the member services desk in the U-Rec. The payment packages are:

What do I do if I don’t have a team, but I want to play intramurals?

There are two options. You could look at the rosters of the teams and send emails to the captains. Or, you could contact IM Coordinator Dylan Thiel ( to try to connect with a team.

What is the time commitment for intramurals?

The time commitment will depend on the sport and the season. Typically, intramurals will require 1-2 hours per week throughout a season.

Do I need experience in the sport to play?

Absolutely not! No experience or athletic ability is required to play intramurals.

Why didn't my payment work?

When completing payments online, sometimes students will use their current address of residence. But, the system requires that the address associated with the sale is the same address that your bank has on file. Double-check and make adjustments, and if that does not solve the problem, reach out to an IM staff member for assistance or stop by the member services desk at U-Rec and ask for help.