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Certificate Programs

Whitworth offers credit and non-credit certificate options to help you develop your professional skills so your résumé will stand out in a pool of qualified applicants.

Save time and money

While they are not a replacement for earning an undergraduate or graduate degree, certificate programs allow you to show valuable skills to an employer by focusing on a specific skillset. They require far fewer credits than a degree and offer a shorter completion time so that you can advance your career – or start a new one – more quickly.

Showcase your skills

More and more employers are hiring candidates who have experience in the skills required for a specific position, rather than those who have completed a college degree but can’t easily provide evidence of the knowledge and experience they’ve gained. Earning a certificate allows you to showcase the proof of the skills you’ve gained on your résumé to employers.

Increase your earning potential

Gaining extra knowledge in a specific skillset can help set you apart, even in an existing job. Up for a big promotion? You can set yourself apart from other candidates by showing you've got the drive to keep learning more and gaining expertise. Thinking of switching careers? A certificate in software development can open opportunities to entry-level positions with starting salaries between $60,000 and $70,000.