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Donor Impact

Fall 2017

Your choice to make a gift to Whitworth allows students to experience what makes this place special: caring Christian professors and meaningful learning experiences that lead to profound change and growth; a community rooted in the grace and truth of Christ that encourages students to think hard about what they believe and why they believe it; and a community that prepares students to succeed in a career and in life.

You not only give to Whitworth, but you give through Whitworth, since your support allows us to sustain the university’s guiding mission while also equipping our students to become the servant-leaders, innovators and teachers the world needs.

Thank you for being the reason our students succeed. Each Whitworth student featured here represents those who are achieving their goals because of your continued support. To learn more about Micah, Sarah and Victoria, click on their personal blog posts below.


It's going to be an odd semester full of many different tasks, but what I am involved in are the things that I enjoy doing deeply, and for that, I feel incredibly lucky.

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I can't believe that I've had such kind people who really support and believe in me.

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As the senior class coordinator, I am really excited to get to know the people in my graduating class.

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