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You help students so much. But did you also know you help their families?

Whitworth students and their families sometimes encounter unexpected hardships and even heartbreak (like Michael Emerick '22 and his family). Through your gifts, you ease families' burdens by helping students to stay at Whitworth. You keep students connected to our supportive community when they need it most. Now that's love in action.


Big-hearted donors like you help generations of students – including all five members of the Johnston family! – receive a transformative Whitworth education. Thank you.

The Johnston family (from left): Cameron ’25; Ali ’12; Lindsay ’10, MIT ’12; Jill ’86; and Brad ’86.

Jingle’s Story

Your gifts to Whitworth empower students like Jingle Gorton '21 to transform their passions into fulfilling careers. One of Jingle's passions is literacy. "There were no books for children when I was growing up," she says. "I was desperate for books – I just wanted to read."

Donor support helped Jingle connect with a supportive community and earn her degree in elementary education from Whitworth. She is now a reading intervention specialist, teaching high-need children to read at a Spokane elementary school, and she’s earning her master's in teaching & learning at Whitworth.

With you, students can achieve their dreams. Thank you.

Michael’s Story

Krystal’s Story