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Donor Impact

Your selfless giving allows students to connect with Whitworth’s caring community, grow in their faith, and gain a transformative mind-and-heart education. Thank you.

You make a mighty impact on students!

Jade Gonzalez ’25

Jade Gonzalez

Together, we’re better.

Education major Jade Gonzalez ’25 is better together with the generous donors who make it possible for her to attend Whitworth.

Jade is also better together with her fellow resident assistants: “RA training was the hardest and most fun I’ve had with people at Whitworth. We went through some intense training for almost three weeks, but we went through it together. When it was time to break free from work and just bond together, it was the most fun. We got to know each other beyond the surface level.”

Now Jade is paying it forward: “As an RA and Success Coach I get to collaborate with students every day. The main dream I carry for students who come to Whitworth is that they realize how capable and essential they are as humans. This year’s [student life] mantra is 'belonging,' and I think that is the best feeling anyone can experience in a new environment.”

Because of you, students come to Whitworth and grow in big ways. Thank you.

Nicolas Caballero 24

Nicolas Caballero

Caring donors like you are helping Nicolas Caballero ’24 attend Whitworth. Now he’s got a great story! Early on, his football coaches and teammates connected him with Christ and helped him grow in his faith. Tearing his ACL and missing a season was tough, but this setback allowed the budding leader to serve as a resident assistant in Oliver Hall.

Last summer, Nicolas, a finance major, interned at Cambridge Investment Research in Phoenix. His transition to the financial services industry proved easy, thanks to the skills he’s gained at Whitworth. Now, Nicolas leads the Student Investment Group on campus, and he’s preparing for his next chapter after graduating in May.

Your generosity transforms students’ lives. Thank you.

Misikir Adnew 19

With you, students achieve tough goals and make a big difference for others. Thank you.

From her first semester at Whitworth, Misikir Adnew '19 wanted to earn a master's in public health and to work in global health. To prepare, she double majored in health science and community health, and she joined the Whitworth Honors Program, undertaking teaching assistantships, research with her professors and an internship in Washington, D.C.

Stretching her limits and developing her tenacity wasn't easy, but God's faithfulness and Whitworth's supportive community saw her through. "I knew that challenging myself would get me ready for the intensity of grad school, and it paid off," she says.

Did it ever!

Read Misikir's full alumni profile from Whitworth Today.

Isaac Pommer 26 and Joel Hartvigsen 26

It may seem improbable, but the friendship between first-year roommates Isaac and Joel started more than 30 years ago. Their moms, Heidi (Schmidt) Pommer and Rachelle (Kert) Hartvigsen, both '94, were first-year roommates at Whitworth too. The pair hit it off while moving into their room in Ballard Hall.

Across the years, Heidi and Rachelle's friendship has deepened, and Isaac and Joel's friendship began and has since blossomed. The two families live in different cities, but they've been intentional about staying connected. "[Isaac and I] have similar interests, so we enjoy hanging out and doing activities together," Joel says. "We thought being roommates would be a good way to continue to grow as friends."

With you, Whitworth students grow in ways that matter and last. 

Jingle’s Story

Your gifts to Whitworth empower students like Jingle Gorton '21 to transform their passions into fulfilling careers. One of Jingle's passions is literacy. "There were no books for children when I was growing up," she says. "I was desperate for books – I just wanted to read."

Donor support helped Jingle connect with a supportive community and earn her degree in elementary education from Whitworth. She is now a reading intervention specialist, teaching high-need children to read at a Spokane elementary school, and she’s earning her master's in teaching & learning at Whitworth.

With you, students can achieve their dreams. Thank you.