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Office of International Education

Office of International Education BuildingThe heart of Whitworth University's internationalization efforts is the Whitworth Office of International Education (OIE). The OIE supports the strategic internationalization goals of the institution and drives growth and innovation in the areas of global recruitment strategy, international student services, study abroad/away, global partnerships and intercultural programming. The Whitworth Office of International Education is located in Hendrick Hall.

Special Announcement: Study Abroad & COVID-19

All domestic and international off-campus study programs are canceled for spring semester 2021. Additionally, all May Term faculty-led programs, both domestic and international, are also suspended. We are working closely with affected students and faculty leaders to support the logistical and financial needs associated with these program cancellations.

Whitworth Cabinet has approved the continuation of third-party off-campus programs for summer 2021. This approval is contingent upon the continuation of favorable conditions. Whitworth Off-Campus Programs staff will maintain regular monitoring of program sites and COVID-related factors to ensure viable program delivery.

Mission & Vision

Mission: The mission of the Whitworth Office of International Education is to advance the internationalization of Whitworth University through its support of international students and scholars, the enrichment of the university community's cultural awareness, the growth of global partnerships, and the development of international study experiences that foster intellectual and personal growth, responsible global citizenship, and greater intercultural competency.

Vision: The Whitworth Office of International Education strives to enrich the academic and cultural mosaic of the university community by providing programs and services that lead to transformative global learning opportunities and intercultural understanding.