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Alumni Achievements

Chloe Dye Sherpe

Major: History
Minors: Art History & Public History
Current position: Chloe is the curatorial project manager for the Microsoft Art Collection. The collection is managed by The Lumiere Group, an arts consulting company that specializes in corporate collections. Chloe manages art acquisitions for the collection, working with contemporary, emerging artists all over the world. After Whitworth, she earned a Master of Arts in art history from the University of Florida and was the curator at the Museum of Northwest Art for three years.

Chloe Sherpe

Why Whitworth: "I had the opportunity to meet several Whitworth history professors while in high school, and I was very impressed with their student-centered teaching philosophy and small class sizes. At the time, I wanted to be a curator in a history museum and learned that many Whitworth alumni held positions in museums. I knew that Whitworth was an excellent university, but the education I received was crucial for my graduate studies and career."

Whitworth Activities: "I was a Resident Assistant in Warren Hall, a member of an intramural frisbee and soccer team, and was the student assistant for the history, art and chemistry departments."

Influential Whitworth Professor: "All of the history professors had a profound impact on my life, but I can’t overstate the influence that Professor of Art History Meredith Shimizu had on my studies and career. I went to a very small high school and was not exposed to art history until I took History of Modern Art in spring of my freshman year. The analysis and methods we learned in class clicked in my brain, and I knew that I wanted to work in the arts and pursue graduate studies in art history. But the professors at Whitworth offer so much more than an excellent education; they truly offer an education of mind and heart. Students are encouraged to really love what they study and to do so with humility and gratitude."

Influential Whitworth Experience: "My time at Whitworth offered many valuable experiences, including traveling to Italy and Germany and several important internship opportunities. However, one unique experience was the opportunity to present my senior thesis at two conferences. Not only did the experience give me ownership over my research, but I was the only student in my graduate cohort who had conference experience."

Career Goals: "I love my current job and feel very blessed to be able to work with artists throughout the United States and Canada. Eventually, I would like to teach in universities again and have thought about becoming an art museum director in the future."

Hannah Hirano

Major: Art, Arts Administration
Current position: Hirano is the coordinator for conservation and museum services at the Seattle Art Museum.

Hannah Hirano

Why Whitworth: "I love painting and drawing, and I had enjoyed volunteering for a community art center while in high school. I wanted these majors when I first applied to Whitworth because I couldn’t imagine not making anything or not having a studio background, and I wanted to be a self-sufficient artist. I thought they would also help me gain a broader understanding of the cultures of different types of arts organizations, and they definitely did."

Whitworth Activities: "I was a member of the Whitworth Symphony Orchestra for four years, and I was the art editor for Script, Whitworth's student literary journal."

Influential Whitworth Professor: "The art department faculty members have been wonderfully influential through classes, advising, mentoring, sharing their artwork, and being in conversation with me at any hour. Most of the things I love about art – the practice in making, learning history, the act of viewing – grew through my discussions with professors and by listening to them. They cultivated in me a desire for depth in my understanding and a will to action to be a decent human being."

Influential Whitworth Experience: "During my junior year I had the opportunity to take Power & Politics in Art, a Jan Term study program in Europe. In this class we were able to wrestle with the questions of art's purpose in and value to culture."

Career Goals:"I plan to apply for graduate programs focused on new media and contemporary art history and theory. I would like to continue to work in a modern art-museum structure, but I'm highly interested in working more directly with artists and artwork."

Other Recent Alums:

  • Kelsey Glynn is a digital product manager at Nike.
  • Kellen Pacheco is an architectural intern at ZGF Architects
  • Susan Vander Kooi is a teaching assistant at Clemson University in South Carolina.
  • Darrien Mack is a CMTV14 operations associate for Community-minded Enterprises.
  • Meghan Eremeyeff is a co-partner of Westerly Creative Studio.
  • Meagan Stirling is an assistant professor of art at Westmont College.
  • Carly Colby is a graphic designer at Stuart advertising in Spokane.
  • Cody DeJardin owns multiple businesses, including the fashion business Perspectives Global.
  • Ruth Campbell is an elementary art specialist at Wenatchee Public Schools.
  • Olivia Newman is a graphic design & marketing specialist at Perry Technical Institute in Yakima, Wash.