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Art Scholarships

Each spring, Whitworth University presents art talent scholarship awards to entering freshmen and transfer students who demonstrate interest and potential to excel as art majors at Whitworth. Art talent and department scholarship awards are also available to returning students.
Whitworth's art major offers a diversity of tracks, as well as collaborative majors in leadership in the arts, front-end design development and art history.

The Lied Center for the Visual Arts, which opened in 2008, features large studios for glass, sculpture and ceramics, drawing, painting, and printmaking, as well as a Mac lab for graphic design. The facility also features a student gallery and a main gallery for special exhibitions of regional and national artists.

Professionally active faculty members, whose works are exhibited locally and nationwide, encourage students to immerse themselves intellectually and spiritually in the creative process.
If you have an interest in the arts, we hope you'll apply.

Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students

To be eligible for an art talent award, an applicant must:

Priority deadline for submitting application materials: Feb. 1, 2020. We will continue to consider applications as funds are available.

Art scholarships typically range from $1,000 to $3,000 for incoming and transfer students; recipients are given half of the awarded amount in the fall and half in the spring. Scholarships are given for one year only, but recipients who become declared majors are eligible to receive scholarships and awards in subsequent years based on their participation and performance in the art department (see the 'Returning Students' section below). Returning students' talent and department scholarship awards are extremely competitive; financial need may be considered in setting the award amounts. Scholarships and awards apply to Whitworth tuition only.

Returning Students

To be eligible for an art talent or department award scholarship, or to apply to be admitted to the major, a returning student applicant must:

(Art majors should submit the portfolio-based application. Art history majors should submit the writing-sample-based application. Arts administration majors can choose to submit either the portfolio- or writing-based application.)

Deadline for submitting application materials: Monday, March 16, 2020, at 4 p.m.

Scholarships and awards are given for one year only (one half in fall and one half in spring), and are given for the following school year. A scholarship/award during one year does not guarantee a repeat of the scholarship/award or that the same amount will be given for the subsequent year; scholarships/awards are based on demonstrated interest and ability and are extremely competitive. Financial need may be considered in setting the award amounts. Students receiving scholarships/awards must reapply each spring. The art faculty recommends scholarship/award recipients; however, the scholarships and awards are issued through Whitworth Financial Aid. Recipients need to be able to receive financial aid to be eligible for scholarships. Scholarships and awards apply to Whitworth tuition only.

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