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Course Syllabi

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JMC 125

Writing for Mass Media
JMC126H Writing for Digital Media
SP/JMC209 Intro to Communication Research
SP/JMC212 Theories of Human Communication
JMC231 Photojournalism
JMC244 Publicity and Public Relations
JMC245/445 Applied Journalism: Newspaper
JMC246/446 Applied Journalism: Radio
JMC247/447 Applied Journalism: Yearbook
JMC248/448 Applied Journalism: Public Relations Agency
JMC302 Public Relations & Digital Communication - Continuing Studies
JMC310W Professional Communication: Writing - Continuing Studies
JMC311 Public Relations and Communication - Continuing Studies
JMC315 Media Criticism
JMC325W Reporting for Mass Media
JMC335 Interactive Journalism
JMC336 Intro to Video & Audio Journalism
JMC337 Advanced Video & Audio Journalism
JMC339 Digital Storytelling (no syllabus available)
JMC340 Photo Essay (no syllabus available)
JMC343 Editing, Layout and Design
JMC345 Media and Society in Germany
JMC346 Media Impact in Contemporary U.S.
JMC347 Mass Media History
JMC362W Article and Feature Writing
JMC/WGS370 Representations of Women in Popular Culture
JMC402 Mass Media Law
JMC493 Communication Ethics
SP113 Interpersonal Communication
SP209 Intro to Communication Research
SP210 Intro to Public Speaking
SP212 Theories of Human Communication
SP223 Small Group Communication
SP245/445H Applied Speech: Forensics
SP313 Advanced Interpersonal Communication
SP315 Philanthropy and Communication
SP323 Organizational Communication
SP347W History and Theory of Rhetoric
SP351 Group Dynamics - Continuing Studies
SP352 Conflict Management - Continuing Studies
SP362 Argumentation and Debate
SP398 Intercultural Communication
SP402 Freedom and Responsibility of Speech
SP410 Advanced Public Speaking
SP415 Persuasion
SP436 African-American Preaching
SP461 Applied Cross-Cultural Communication - Continuing Studies
SP493 Communication Ethics