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Alumni Achievements

Zanovia Clark

Major: Education and English
Current Position: Clark is a second-grade teacher on the English side of a dual language program at Mount View Elementary School in Seattle.

Why Whitworth? "I had many teachers in high school advise me to not let money stop me – to push the limits and to aim high, so I did. I applied to Whitworth through the Act Six scholarship program. Through the application process I discovered that Whitworth was the place I needed to be. While learning about Whitworth a phrase kept coming up from students and alumni: 'relationships with professors.' People explained that you not only gain lifelong friendships with other students, but lifelong friendships with professors and staff. The relationships I made with the staff and professors at Whitworth are something I’m truly grateful for. They are people I consider part of my family now."

Whitworth Activities: "I proudly served as a cultural-diversity advocate and a Jan Term resident assistant. I was very involved with a tutoring and mentoring program called R.I.S.E. (Reinforcing the Importance of Support in Education). Participating and volunteering with this group helped me find my calling as a teacher. I started as a volunteer, moved up to a coordinator role, and finally ended my time at Whitworth as the program manager for R.I.S.E."

Influential Whitworth Experience: "As part of the education program I had the opportunity to travel to Australia, where I met with Whitworth alumni and worked at a school. Teaching
in Australia has been one of the best choices I've ever made. I spent three
weeks at the school, serving students and learning about a different culture. Being out of my comfort zone was incredibly rewarding. I built relationships with my peers, my professors and an entirely different setting of people. This was an opportunity I’m thankful I pursued."

Career Goals: "In the next five years I plan to earn my National Board certification. In addition, I would like to continue pursuing a graduate-level degree in literacy. My goal is to be a language and literacy specialist, working with schools and students to build lifelong literacy skills."

Other Recent Alums

  • Nathan Page is a middle school art and photography teacher at Baldwin Middle-Senior High School in Baldwin, Fla.
  • Sureetha McCain is seeking a master's degree in comparative education from University College London. She previously taught second grade in Bellevue School District.
  • Claire Hannan is a special education teacher at Explorer Middle School in Everett, Wash.
  • Jordan Fearer is a first-grade teacher in Santa Barbara Unified School District in California.