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  • M.A. and Gifted Education Specialty Endorsement
  • Only university in Washington with a degree in gifted education
  • Complete your specialty endorsement in one year
  • Online and on-campus options
  • Courses and institutes for professional development
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Center for Gifted Education

Online or on-campus. Whether you’re interested in earning a master’s degree, obtaining a specialty endorsement, or seeking professional development, Whitworth University’s Center for Gifted Education programs are designed with you in mind. In addition, The Whitworth Center for Gifted Education sponsors several events designed to encourage gifted youth in their specific areas of interests and talent.

Founded more than 100 years ago, Whitworth is the only university in Washington offering degree programs in gifted education. Faculty members from around the region share their expertise in current theory and practice for teaching the gifted, while program participants benefit from a collaborative learning environment.

Programs include:

M.A.T., emphasis in Gifted and Talented: Choose between online classes and a combination of on-campus and online classes.

Gifted Education Specialty Endorsement: Earn your specialty endorsement online in just one year.

Professional Development: Experience online and campus-based courses to help you add to your teaching toolkit or to help you grow as a professional.

Gifted Education Institutes: Attend our gifted education institutes to learn how to better serve and support highly capable students

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