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  • M.A. and Gifted Education Specialty Endorsement
  • Only university in Washington with a degree in gifted education
  • Complete your specialty endorsement in one year
  • Online and on-campus options
  • Courses and institutes for professional development
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Professional Development

Gifted Education Institutes

Experience online and on-campus institutes that will help you grow as a professional and learn to address contemporary issues in gifted education.

Professional Development Courses

Whether you are looking to add to your teaching toolkit or working on an endorsement and/or master’s degree, Whitworth offers courses for professional development to help you meet your goals.

For more information, please contact the Whitworth Center for Gifted Education at 509.777.3226 or gifted@whitworth.edu.

January 2018

EDG 550 Introduction to Gifted Education & Talent Development
This course is designed to explore the current research, trends and practices within the field of gifted and talented education. The course is an introduction to the historical and philosophical context of gifted education and theories of intelligence; characteristics of gifted behaviors across cultures; an overview of curricular options for enhancing and accelerating instruction; and identification techniques and program services.

  • Three credits, $1,905
  • Online
  • Jan. 8-March 16, 2018

Spring 2018

EDG 551 Social & Emotional Components of Giftedness
This course will explore current research and material relevant to the social and emotional issues that may arise for gifted and talented students, specifically their affective growth and potential adjustment concerns. This course is designed for teachers and counselors of the gifted to help them understand the cognitive complexity and emotional intensity of high-ability students while also acquiring strategies to help them serve this special population.

  • Two credits, $1,270
  • Online
  • March 26-May 18, 2018