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How do I apply for certification?
For each certification program, the Whitworth Educational Certification and Career Services Office will provide application information about the application process.

What certification fees will I need to pay?
Fees will be listed for the certificate for which you are applying in the certification packet you will receive from the Whitworth Educational Certification and Career Services Office.

What is a temporary permit?
While your certificate is being processed by Washington's Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), a temporary permit will allow you to work as a certificated teacher, administrator or educational staff associate (ESA). It is valid for 180 days, only in the state of Washington.

When can I receive my temporary permit (good only in the state of Washington)?
Upon verification of completion of all program requirements, a temporary permit will be issued to you. Program completion includes posting of all final passing grades, documentation of passing scores on appropriate exams, and any additional program requirements as documented. Once all requirements have been met, the director of Whitworth Educational Certification and Career Services can issue a temporary permit. Each candidate will be given a temporary permit as a matter of process.

When will my actual certificate be received from the state?
After you have paid your certification fees through e-certification and updated/verified your contact information, the state will first send your permit and then in approximately 4-6 weeks your certificate.

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When will my degree be posted? When and from where may I obtain transcripts?
Posting a degree is the responsibility of the registrar's office.  Please make sure that your student account is clear before leaving campus.  When your degree is posted, you are entitled to a voucher for one complimentary official transcript.  You need to have your degree posting on this transcript copy before you receive it, so please note that on the voucher. You can still apply for a job with an "unofficial" (opened) transcript, and, if you have not yet graduated, districts will likely accept it without the degree posting and your file will be "pending program completion." You may obtain an unofficial transcript from the Whitworth Registrar's Office at any time or print it off of WhitNet. When you receive the official transcript, keep it sealed.  When you secure a job in education, you will then need to supply the district with official transcripts of all your college/university coursework at that time. 

To what address will my transcript voucher be sent? 
Please provide a current address to the registrar's office so that the staff will have the correct information on file. We also need a current address, phone number and e-mail address on file in the certification office. MIT candidates will receive transcripts from the MIT office.  Whitworth Graduate Studies in Education candidates will receive transcripts from the GSE office if they have completed a degree program.  If your program was for certification only, you will need to contact the registrar's office for an updated transcript.

What if I am going out of state and need confirmation that I have completed my degree and certification? 
Contact Cathy Stephens, director of educational certification and career services, at 509.777.4405 or cstephens@whitworth.edu for additional assistance.

When I secure a position, what else do I need to do?  
You need to notify our office by e-mail at certification@whitworth.edu and also notify any other school district to which you have applied so that they will no longer consider you for open positions. Be sure to thank them for their consideration of your candidacy.

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