M.A. in Administrative Leadership

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COST PER CREDIT $635* (financial aid & scholarships available)
COURSE FORMAT Evening classes on campus
APPLICATION DEADLINE Applications are due four weeks prior to the beginning of the semester in which you plan to enroll.
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Fall Term First week of August
Jan Term First week of December
Spring Term First week of January
Summer Term Third week of April

*for the 2017-18 academic year


  • Blend leadership and administrative skills with a Christian perspective.
  • Classes meet in the evenings, two nights per week.
  • Learn to lead others with confidence and compassion.
  • Complete your degree in just two years.

Are you ready to develop the skills you’ll need to become a leader within your organization? At Whitworth, you can transform the passion you have for helping others into confident leadership with a comprehensive background. Whitworth’s M.A. in Administrative Leadership Program seeks to equip you with the skills to manage personnel and serve others, lead with integrity and commitment, and deliver positive change to those around you. This program is ideal if you’re interested in working as an administrator or director in a private school, higher education, a nonprofit organization, or a community agency setting; it does not require principal certification.

Classes to Fit Your Busy Life

We understand that you have numerous work, family and life obligations. That’s why Whitworth’s M.A. in Administrative Leadership Program is designed to fit busy schedules, and you can enter the program at the start of any semester. Classes are offered in the evenings, usually two nights per week. You’ll be learning with and from other working professionals who recognize the time and commitment it takes to attend school as an adult and who bring valuable knowledge and work experience to the classroom. Our instructors demonstrate the expertise and compassion needed to integrate faith with learning, to ensure that your educational experience at Whitworth is an exceptional one.

The M.A. in Administrative Leadership Program is a 39-credit program that works to extend Whitworth’s mission by preparing future leaders and administrators to serve with integrity and compassion. Throughout the curriculum we will explore topics in moral leadership, intercultural communications and building community. You’ll also gain a deep understanding of issues that are critical to effective leadership while you develop skills in strategic thinking, business communication, and team-building. During the program, you’ll participate in two supervised internships in an administrative work environment that will give you the opportunity to put your leadership skills into practice and begin transforming lives.

Required Core Courses (9 credits)

Administration Courses (19 credits)

EDU 515 Educational Research - online or on campus
4 Credits

Internships (6 credits)

Electives (5 credits)

Choose from a variety of courses in topics that interest you and help you meet individual professional goals; courses must be approved by an academic advisor. Please see the course catalog for a complete list of elective courses offered.
Note: The courses in this program are subject to change due to program updates. Please check with your advisor for current course offerings.
Do I need to work in education to enroll in this program?

Working in education is not a requirement for Whitworth’s Administrative Leadership Program. Any professional wishing to pursue an administrative role within an organization would benefit from this program.

Can I work while going through the program?

Absolutely. The M.A. in Administrative Leadership Program is specifically designed for working professionals. Courses are scheduled in the evenings or online for your convenience.

How long does the program typically take?

Candidates can finish the program in as few as two years, if attending full time. Part-time candidates can finish in as little as three years.


Whitworth's mission is to provide its diverse student body an education of mind and heart, equipping its graduates to honor God, follow Christ, and serve humanity.

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