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Alumni Achievements

Featured Alum Jessica Paige Hill

Major: Health Sciences
Current Position: Following completion of her degree at Whitworth, Hill graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing with an accelerated bachelor of science in nursing degree. She is now matriculated into UPenn's Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program, with a concentration in oncology. She is working as a registered nurse at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia on the oncology floor while working toward her master's degree.

Why Whitworth? "I chose Whitworth mainly because I wanted to go to a school that would challenge me academically and help me to grow my faith. Going into the sciences, it is not always easy to find professors with a strong Christian foundation who are willing to engage in stimulating, difficult discussions, like the professors do at Whitworth. I also wanted a place with a strong student-to-faculty ratio and small class sizes so that I could get to know my professors and peers."

Memorable Whitworth Experience: "One of my most influential experiences was doing the study-abroad program in Costa Rica for Jan Term. I got to take medical Spanish and work in an internship for the month. I lived with the most wonderful host family and really got to experience the culture. I would highly recommend taking advantage of at least one study-abroad program while at Whitworth!"

Influential Whitworth Professor: "I loved all of my professors, especially my health sciences professors, but if I had to pick two, they would be Matt Silvers and Justin Ulbright. I road-tripped with these awesome professors in a 15-passenger van to present at a conference in Reno. In my classes, they opened my eyes to the wonders of the human body and what it can do. They also prepared me for nursing school and encouraged me, both at Whitworth and even after graduation. I can't thank them enough."

Career Goals: "To complete my nurse practitioner degree at UPenn in five years. I want to start out working in a children's hospital, but eventually I'd like to work in an outpatient pediatric chemotherapy-infusion clinic."

Other Recent Alums

  • Jacob Kriegbaum is a physical therapist at Acceleration Physical Therapy in Spokane. He earned a doctor of physical therapy degree from Eastern Washington University.
  • Melissa Callaghan is an occupational therapist at Sewall Child Development Center in Denver. She received a master's degree in occupational therapy at Colorado State University.
  • Isaac Fonken is a physician at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, Colo. He graduated from the University of Colorado School of Medicine.
  • Josena van Vilet is a patient care coordinator at Summit Rehabilitation Associates in Spokane.
  • Christine Moen is a physician assistant at Surgical Associates in Billings, Mont. She earned a master's of medical science in physician assistant studies from Midwestern University (Arizona).
  • Erin Witthuhn is the aquatics director at Pikes Peak YMCA in Colorado Springs. She earned a master's degree in sport and exercise science at the University of Northern Colorado.