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Corliss Slack
300 W. Hawthorne Road
Spokane, WA 99251
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Office Location: Weyerhaeuser Hall 210E

Crusade Charters - 1138-1275
Dictionary of the Crusades

D. Phil., Oxford University (1988)

Corliss Slack's research and writing focuses on the Crusades, the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem and twelfth-century church reform. Slack has presented the results of her research at medieval studies conferences and has published in scholarly journals in her field. In 1994 her research was supported by a grant from the Graves Foundation. Her contributions to our department and to Whitworth University were formally recognized in 1991 when she received the first-ever Dean's Award for Junior Faculty Achievement. Slack teaches European history and a seminar on the Crusades. She also offers courses on a variety of European topics, including medieval Russia and recent scholarship on gender, race and class in western European society. Her Crusades class looks at both sides of the conflict, using Muslim sources.

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