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Public History Minor

The public history minor at Whitworth University is for any student interested in working in a career that helps interpret history for the public and preserve history for the future. The program prepares students for careers in museums, archives, historical societies, preservation, historical archaeology, and other expanding fields. Despite common assumptions, not every student studying history has the desire to teach. The goal of the public history program at Whitworth is to give those who love history the knowledge and skills they can use in a number of diverse history professions. Students are required to take courses in public history as well as American history. Additionally, students will intern with a professional in their desired field of interest.

What students who have taken public history courses say:

"I love the field of Public History. It is a vital tool in preserving, researching, and interpreting history in order to present that history to the public."

"Some say the only thing you can do with a history degree is teach... That is WRONG! I learned there are so many careers that I could pursue in the Public History field."

What former public history students are doing now:

  • Curator of Special Collections, Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, Spokane, Wash. – Rose Krause, '02
  • State Parks Interpreter, California State Parks, Sacramento, Calif. – Heather McCummins, '03
  • Curator, Puget Sound Navy Museum, Bremerton, Wash. – Danelle Feddes, '05
  • Curator, Clatsop County Historical Society, Astoria, Ore. – Amber Glen, '09
  • Living History Interpreter, High Desert Museum, Bend, Ore. – Jason Hogstad, '09

Required courses for the public history minor (18 credits):

For more information, view the course catalog.

For further information, contact Janet Hauck at jhauck@whitworth.edu.