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Alumni Achievements

Andy Throgmorton, '11

Majors: Computer Science

Current Position: Throgmorton is a software engineer for NetApp, in Raleigh-Durham, N.C. He is responsible for ensuring that NetApp's software products perform well under rigorous loads.

Why Whitworth? "I remember liking the idea of a small school, as well as a student body and faculty that have a devotion to Christ. Mainly, I remember being stressed out by applications and praying it would all work out for me. A week into my first semester, I knew I had made a great choice."

Whitworth Activities: Played various intramurals, worked as the computer science lab manager, was a radio deejay and was president of the Association for Computing Machinery Club.

Influential Whitworth Professor "Pete Tucker taught many of my computer science classes, and I conducted research with him the summer after my sophomore year. Pete had previously worked for Microsoft, and he helped design a seminal course on software testing at the undergrad level. Since not many other undergrad programs have such a course, the knowledge I gained from that coursework really helped set me apart from other candidates during job interviews."

Influential Whitworth Experience: "I studied abroad twice while at Whitworth. My most influential experience was our trip across India, led by Kent Jones of the CS department. Many of my co-workers at NetApp work in Bangalore, India; knowing a little bit about their society and heritage goes a long way in my day-to-day interactions with them."

Career Goals: "I'll be quite happy if in 20 or 30 years I'm still doing some fun technical work while still having the freedom, ability and passion to learn new things."

Here's what some other recent Whitworth graduates are doing with their math & computer science degrees:

  • Taylor Phillips works for Cancer Research and Biostatistics, in Seattle, where she is a systems analyst/programmer.

  • David Jackson, Cole Wardell and Brent Unruh work at Microsoft, in Seattle.

  • Rachel Busick is attending Pepperdine University Law School, in Malibu, Calif.

  • Garrett Hopp is a software test and process engineer at Agilent Technologies, in Santa Rosa, Calif.

  • Jeffrey Wheeler (math and engineering physics double major) is attending graduate school at the Colorado School of Mines.

  • Stephen Ash is a software developer and quality engineer for Adobe Systems, Inc., in Seattle.

  • David Dixon and Jacob Quatier are software developers at Nike Corp., in Beaverton, Ore.

  • Nathan Johnson is a pitcher in MLB's Kansas City Royals' minorleague system.

  • Nick Maquillan is a software test engineer at Egencia, in Bellevue, Wash.

  • Nicole Starkey teaches math in the Seattle-Tacoma area.