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News & Announcements: Spring 2013

  • http://www.whitworth.edu/Academic/Department/OffCampusStudies/CostaRicaCenter/~Images/Classroom.jpgSpring-semester students are gearing up for their immersion experience in Cuba (April 20-28). The trip will include visits to historical sites and concerts, and hearing from speakers from a wide variety of political and social positions. Students are currently finishing their semester-long courses, including International Political Economy (PO 353) and Nonviolent Defense and Conflict Resolution (PO 297) taught by Professor Patrick Van Inwegen (Political Science), who has spent the entire year doing research in Costa Rica.

  • Fall semester 2013 promises to be quite exciting! History Professor Rafaela Acevedo (History) will join us at the CRC to teach History of Latin America (HI 325) and the History of Religions in Latin America (HI 326), in addition to a special d-group of Core 350. Students will also be able to take Latin American Music, Conservation and Human Rights, Spanish at all levels, and an internship in their discipline. Many CASP students will also be joining us as they complete the prerequisite studies for their extended time in Central America (Jan.-May 2014). Interested in any of these opportunities? There’s still time to apply for the fall semester here.
  • Jan Term 2014 will be a busy time at the Costa Rica Center. Thirty honors freshmen will travel to Costa Rica to explore the theme of "shalom” taught by Theology Professor and Whitworth Dean of Spiritual Life Terry McGonigal. His teaching will be complemented by a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities. Additionally, Assistant Professor Cynthia Wright (Health Sciences) will bring a dozen majors here for a Jan Term course in medical Spanish. It will combine intensive Spanish classes on medical vocabulary and scenarios with 60 hours of internship service in medical clinics. Biology Professor Grant Casady will also bring eight majors for an exciting experiential course on http://www.whitworth.edu/Academic/Department/OffCampusStudies/CostaRicaCenter/~Images/LindyScott.jpg ecology. Throughout the month, students will focus their time working with a fishing village and restoration of forest/valley ecosystems.

  • Applications for spring semester 2014 are now being accepted. Students from all majors can enroll in general education courses such as Core 350, Conservation and Human Rights (BI 115), History of Latin America (HI 325) taught by Professor Emeritus Jim Hunt, and Spanish at all levels. In addition, a special course, Gender in Central America, will be taught by the highly respected scholar Beth Martin Birky.  Students will be able to participate in internships and host-family stays, as well as field trips to the Pacific coast, ecological reserves, Nicaragua and Cuba. Students can apply for the semester program here.