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ISEP (International Student Exchange Program)

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Through overseas partnerships and other arrangements, Whitworth can arrange for individual study abroad or in a multicultural setting in the U.S. for one semester or for an entire year. Students typically pay tuition and room and board to Whitworth and then receive tuition and room and board at the exchange institution without charge. Please contact the International Education Center ( for more information on exchange programs.

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) Fees
At Whitworth, the ISEP fees are $425 ($100 application fee and then a $325 placement fee; payable to ISEP), whether for exchange or direct programs. Also, whether for exchange or direct programs, students will be charged Whitworth tuition, a double room and meal plan B.

ISEP offers placements in any of the 150 member universities in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada or Latin America. Students pay tuition, room and board to Whitworth, then pay a small placement fee and their own airfare.

ISEP offers courses taught in English in Australia, Canada, Fiji, Finland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Korea, Malta, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Sweden, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

Whitworth has reciprocal exchanges with the institutions listed below.  The cost is Whitworth tuition, and, depending on the articulation agreement, room and board, or just room.


Nanjing University
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France University of Provence
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Germany Academy of Music and Theatre in Munich
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Hong Kong The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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Shikoku Gakuin University
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Note: travel to countries with State Department travel warnings will not be permitted.

Iberoamericana University
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The Netherlands University of Maastricht
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South Korea Keimyung University
Soong Sil University
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Thailand Payap University
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