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Programs of Study B.A. B.S. Minor
Applied Physics    
Engineering Physics    

Program is available.

About our physics majors:

  • Physics is the traditional major, ideal for students interested in pursuing graduate study in physics or those who would like to become science teachers.

  • Applied physics is a strongly collaborative degree and is the usual degree that our 3-2 engineering students receive from Whitworth. Because it focuses on application of physics to real-world problems, it is quite popular with students pursuing double-majors.

  • Biophysics is designed for students interested in pursuing medicine or medical physics as a career as well as those interested in graduate school in biophysics. There are two options in this degree, biochemistry or math-methods depending that allow students to focus the degree on their own personal interests.

  • Engineering physics is designed for students who wish to pursue graduate study in engineering or to enter the workforce in the engineering professions.