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Alumni Achievements

Caleb Klein

Major: Theatre
Current Position: Klein is the house manager at the Mount Baker Theatre in Bellingham, Wash. His position covers everything nontechnical for productions and events, including ushers, concessions, artist hospitality, patron safety, security and event logistics.

Why Whitworth? "Partially for the strong arts program, and partially because three of my grandparents attended Whitworth in the 1930-40s. Also, the opportunities for scholarships were better than many schools I applied to."

Whitworth Activities: "I was heavily involved in Jubilation Dance Ministry. I attended many, many PrimeTimes and generally spent time with friends. I worked for instructional technology & media services for multiple years and at the HUB Info Desk for another year."

Influential Whitworth Experiences: "I was the theatre department's house manager for five semesters (a McDonald Scholar position). When I entered Whitworth, I was planning on pursuing a music degree with the intent of teaching high school. However, as I worked as the house manager, I found a passion for and proficiency at a new aspect of the theatre world that I had never known or understood before."

Career Goals: "I plan on staying in the realm of patron services and hope to grow into a director role. I have also developed an interest in the operations management side of theatre."

Advice for Students: "Explore more than just your known areas of the theatre world. The performing, acting, directing and technical areas are but part of the big world that is the performing arts. Like me, you may find a niche that is just what you are looking for."

Other Recent Alums

  • Andrew Coopman is a teaching artist and director at Village Theatre and Studio East in the Seattle area. He is working toward an MFA in directing at the University of Washington.
  • Emily Beloate is a theatre artist in San Jose, Calif. She works as an assistant producer/director at Epic Immersive, a live, large-scale immersive theatre company, and as a dance instructor at The Joy of Dancing studio.
  • Alanna Hamilton is social media coordinator and executive assistant at Tateuchi Center, which is raising funds to build a new performing arts center in Bellevue, Wash.
  • Morgan Gilbert is a senior financial analyst with Gilbert Valuations in Portland, Ore.
  • Preston Loomer is a theatre technician at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego.