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Alumni Achievements

Angela Hartley, '11

Majors: Spanish and International Studies

Current Position: Hartley works with the policy and advocacy team for the Malaria Control and Evaluation Partnership, in Africa. Previously, she was a resettlement case manager at World Relief, a refugee-resettlement agency in Spokane.

Why Whitworth? "While visiting, I noticed that Whitworth, above all other schools that I was considering, placed an emphasis on making study-abroad programs feasible for students. After a few conversations with students and professors, it was clear to me that Whitworth placed an emphasis on the growth of a student as a whole, not solely academically."

Whitworth Activities: Hartley was president of the International Justice Mission Club, which works to raise awareness of the horrors and realities of human trafficking; she volunteered at Cup of Cool Water, a center for street youth; and she volunteered and interned at World Relief.

Quote: "My Whitworth experience taught me what it means to think critically and individually. I was challenged by my professors, by the topics of classes that I took, and by the students who surrounded me to truly look at the world and wrestle with all of its injustices. The needs of the refugee families that I work with vary with each individual, and meeting those needs requires new ideas and, often, complicated decisions."

Influential Whitworth Experience: "In the spring of my junior year, I spent a semester studying in Spain. After this experience, I realized that knowing a foreign language opens up a whole new realm of possibilities: communication with an entirely new segment of the population, cultural understanding, unique relationships and life-changing experiences."

Career Goals: "I will spend eight months in Argentina next year through the Fulbright Program, teaching English and involving myself in the local community. After this experience and gaining more clarity as to which specific programs are best for me, I plan to enroll in graduate school to study human rights as they relate to gender equality. Eventually, I hope to work to confront obstacles to education – barriers that currently exist across the globe."

Here's what some other recent Whitworth graduates are doing with their world languages & cultures degrees:

  • Stephanie Kreuter is the English language program coordinator at a school in Siguatepeque, Honduras, where she also teaches history.

  • Kelsey Pagh (French and theology double major) is enrolled at Princeton Theological Seminary (N.J.), pursuing a master's degree in divinity.

  • Jessica Kidwell teaches English in France for the French government and is applying to graduate schools to study in the field of dual-language development.

  • Sarah "Sage" (Miller) Rico is the area coordinator for Campus Crusade for Christ in Caracas, Venezuela.

  • Matt Krieger is enrolled in the University of Nevada–Las Vegas School of Dentistry, where he works with patients who speak only Spanish; he also serves as an interpreter for his classmates.

  • Amanda Martinez works in London as a cross-cultural trainer and researcher at Global Excellence, a business development company.

  • Brad Hoine is attending graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin, studying French.

  • Luis Flores is pursuing a master's degree in social justice and community development at Loyola University, in Chicago. He also serves as a resident assistant at a nonprofit, La Casa, working with low-income and first-generation students to provide housing and inspire the next generation of Latinos in Chicago.