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Abigail Hochberger, '19, France, Cross-Cultural Study - History, French and Francophone Studies

Abigail HochbergerLiving in France this past semester has changed my life. I not only feel more independent but more appreciative and tolerant of the world and people around me. The French are some of the most generous and patient people I have come to love and appreciate. The way they "faire la bise" and casually smoke wherever they go is both frustrating and endearing. Jumping into a new culture for four months and then jumping right out is certainly jarring. It allows for no time to be ungrateful or pass judgment on how another part of the world does life. Abigail HochbergerThat realization and lesson was so humbling for me that I hope I never stop learning from this experience. I am so blessed to have been provided this opportunity to learn more about the world and gain a more open mind. Especially in this time we live in, being out of my comfort zone for a semester and placing myself in the shoes of another has been such a privilege. I can't recommend studying abroad enough. It is truly the most rewarding experience in college yet. Pictured at right is the lake (that looks mysteriously like a river) just behind my university in Angers, France. It has provided me a lovely place of solitude over the last few months. On the top is a picture of our Thanksgiving, where some other Americans and I got together and made our own feast for "friendsgiving." Abigail HochbergerIt was a good consolation to know that even though we were missing home during the holidays, we could still carry on traditions together. The cheesy garlic green beans were delicious, if I do say so myself. Finally, the photo on the left was taken outside of Salzburg, Austria, where I went for Vacances de Toussaint, the French equivalent of Fall Break. It was such a fun experience, getting to travel across three different countries in Europe and hike various mountains with good company.

Caleb Smith, '18, Argentina, English (Lit. & Writ.), French and Francophone Studies, Spanish Lang. & Lit.

Caleb Smith

Studying abroad for me as a senior has been an amazing time. For the past four months, I studied at the Universidad de Salvador (a small Catholic school) in Buenos Aires. The classes were generally smaller-sized, and so I had many opportunities to get to interact with local students and with professors in ways that felt really meaningful. For instance, in my sociology class, my professor allowed me to pursue my research on marginalized communities in both the USA and in Argentina and was always helpful in pointing out new perspectives, often from Latin America. Probably the thing I enjoyed most during my time abroad was the opportunities it gave me to travel around Argentina and the surrounding countries. Caleb SmithWhether it was trekking through Patagonia in Chile, soaking up the beaches in Uruguay or busing through the jungle in Paraguay, I was always having new, exciting experiences. Because it was relatively cheap to travel, I tried to fill my weekends with cool adventures around both Buenos Aires and the surrounding areas. I think these travel memories will be the ones that stick with me the most because they felt like the highlight of my experience in the world languages department. It felt like all the hours I'd put into learning Spanish really payed off when I found myself stuck in the Argentine pampas and I needed to ask the locals where to catch a bus back home.

Eye on Alumni Jillian Perkins, '12, Spanish and Cross-Cultural Studies - Political Science

Looking back on my time as a student from 2008-2012 I am grateful. Grateful for the privilege to learn as well as for the friendships, some of which are the most important in my life to this day. Living on campus, being an RA, studying abroad, internships in Spokane, and genuine support from professors and peers all contributed to my academic success and growth as a person. My time on campus has had a huge impact on how I have chosen to live and the work I have been doing since graduating. Some of the most impactful classes for me were Latinos in the U.S. with Lindy Scott, Sociology of the Middle East with Raja Tanas, Jillian Perkins and Nonviolence and Conflict Resolution with John Yoder. These courses instilled in me a greater passion for exploring and understanding more of the world. I chose to major in cross-cultural studies and Spanish. Conversations with my advisors, especially Angeles Aller, encouraged me to study abroad and pursue an internship with World Relief during my time as a student. I am thankful for all that I learned in the classroom, but the encouragement I received from faculty to step outside the "Whitworth bubble" and engage in the world prepared me the most for the future. Spending time around refugees at World Relief and hearing their stories was humbling and struck me that I have so much to be thankful for. By the time I graduated I had an internship with International Justice Mission lined up in Guatemala City. Jillian PerkinsI served in its field office for a year and lived with a Guatemalan family. The primary focus of its human rights work in the capital was rescuing, defending and supporting minors in recovery from sexual abuse. It was by God's grace and sovereign power that these children were actually able to be saved from this violence. My co-workers - all Guatemalan-trained as lawyers, social workers and psychologists, were God's hands and feet amongst their people. They have been the most tangible example to me of Micah 6:8, which says, "He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." Apart from witnessing the transformation amongst the children and great faith of my co-workers I was able to continue strengthening my skills in Spanish. By the end of the year I was able to interpret and translate legal information and give presentations in Spanish. By living with a Spanish-speaking family I learned firsthand their culture, values and traditions. Jillian PerkinsI was forever changed by the people I worked with and the friends I made in my neighborhood. After returning to the U.S. I sought to work with Latinos in the Seattle area. I ended up with a position at a local church directing a tutoring program. And the majority of the families involved happened to be from Mexico! I was thrilled to keep up with Spanish and get to know the children and parents. Fast forward three years and I am now living in St. Louis with my husband while he is in graduate school. I am hoping to serve as a volunteer at a free health clinic as an interpreter for Spanish-speaking clients. Wherever God takes me in life I hope to continue reaching out to people from other cultures and nations and find ways to use my Spanish. It is a gift to know a second language and I want to continue to use it for God's glory.

Lindy Scott the Keynote Speaker for the 2017 CAWL Conference

Whitworth to Host the Christian Association of World Languages Annual Conference April 5-7, 2018

Local chair: Jacob (Jake) Rapp,
CAWL website:

Donna Schrock

Our very own Lindy Scott was the keynote speaker for the 2017 CAWL national conference, held at Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa. His keynote address was "Let Justice Flow Like a Mighty River: Can the Study of Languages Make Us More Just Citizens of the World?"

Lindy is professor of Spanish and Latin American studies at Whitworth. He received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University. For the better part of four decades he has taught students the subject of life using the medium of world languages and cultures (in Mexico, the United States and Costa Rica). He is the editor of Journal of Latin American Theology: Christian Reflections from the Latino South. He has co-authored Los Evangelicos: Portraits of Latino Protestantism in the United States (CEHILA) and Christians, the Care of Creation and Global Climate Change (Wheaton College). His most recent article is "La corrupción política en los Evangelios y ellibro de los Hechos." He has been married for 38 years to Dinorah and they have three children and four grandchildren.

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Language Proficiency Exams

Language proficiency refers to one's ability to use language for real-world purposes to accomplish real-world linguistic tasks, across a wide range of topics and settings. ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Proficiency Tests reflect and measure these real-world tasks. Differing from an achievement test that measures knowledge of specific information (what a person knows), a proficiency test targets what an individual can do with what one knows. As in a driver's test, an achievement test would represent the paper-and-pencil questions that one answers, while a proficiency test determines how well the person can drive the car. The language proficiency test is an evaluation of how well a person can use language to communicate in real life.

Do you need to complete the program requirement of language proficiency for your major? You can schedule an oral proficiency interview (OPI) convenient to your schedule. For more information, check out the Language Testing International website at, or contact Rachelle Hartvigsen at or 509.777.4765.

DELE: Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language

Offered at Whitworth University Biannually!

This test provides an official accreditation of a student's degree of fluency in the Spanish language. This accreditation is issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education and is an internationally recognized certification. The test provides students an official means to demonstrate their level of fluency to potential employers. It measures fluency and accuracy across the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Students interested in taking the DELE must take the online placement test to determine which level is right for them. The placement test can be found at Students should make a well-informed decision in this regard as it is a Pass/Fail assessment. Please note that Whitworth University is currently certified to offer the B1, B2 and C1 exams. Students wishing to take other levels may do so at other testing sites.

For more information about the exam, how to register and the exam fees, please see the DELE flyer. Or contact Angeles Aller, associate professor of Spanish, at or 509.777.4205.

Scripture of the Month


Colossians 2:6-7

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.


Colosenes 2:6-7

Por tanto, de la manera que recibisteis a Cristo Jesús el Señor, así andad en El; firmemente arraigados y edificados en El y confirmados en vuestra fe, tal como fuisteis instruidos, rebosando de gratitud.


Colossiens 2:6-7

Aussi, puisque vous avez reçu Christ, Jésus le Seigneur, comportez-vous comme des gens unis à lui: enracinez-vous en lui, construisez toute votre vie sur lui et attachez-vous de plus en plus fermement à la foi conforme à ce qu'on vous a enseigné. Agissez ainsi en adressant à Dieu de nombreuses prières de reconnaissance.


Kolosser 2:6-7

Ihr habt Jesus Christus als euren Herrn angenommen; nun lebt auch in der Gemeinschaft mit ihm. 7 Wie ein Baum in der Erde, so sollt ihr in Christus fest verwurzelt bleiben, und nur er soll das Fundament eures Lebens sein. Haltet fest an dem Glauben, den man euch lehrte. Für das, was Gott euch geschenkt hat, könnt ihr ihm gar nicht genug danken.


歌罗西书 2:6-7

你们既然接受了基督耶稣为主,就当继续遵从祂, 按照你们所受的教导在祂里面扎根成长,信心坚固,满怀感恩。


7-2:6 ﻛﻮﻟﻮﺳﻲ

وَلْتَفِضْ حَياتُكُمْ بِالشُّكرِ للهِ.


コロサイ人への手紙 2:6-7

すでにキリストの救いを信じたあなたがたは、日常の問題についてもキリストに信頼し、キリストと共に生きなさい。 キリストに根を深く下ろし、そこから養分を吸収しなさい。主にあって成長し続け、真理に立って、強くたくましくありなさい。すべてに感謝し、喜びにあふれて生活しなさい。


启示录 22:17


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