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Selected Whitworth Faculty Scholarship: 2005-06

Books and Other Publications

Forrest Baird, Asian Philosophy, co-edited with Raeburne Helmbeck

Laura Bloxham, entry on Alice Walker for Southern Writers: A New Biographical Dictionary, ed. Flora, Joseph M. and Vogel, Amber

Linda Buff, The King and the Maiden, play script, Contemporary Drama Service

Nadine Chapman, "The Demon’s Looking Glass," an essay in At Work in Life's Garden: Writers on the Spiritual Adventure of Parenting, ed. Conover, Sara and Springberry, Tracy; On Solitude, poetry chapbook

Lyle Cochran, Instructor's Mathematica Manual, a manual corresponding to the updated edition of David Lay's text, Linear Algebra and Its Applications; Mathematica Manual update for Thomas’ Calculus (11th Edition)

Brent Edstrom, Musicianship in the Digital Age; Oscar Peterson Plays Standard

James Edwards, Is Jesus the Only Savior?; commentary on the book of Hebrews for the Renovare Spiritual Formation Bible

Gordon Jackson, Watchdogs, Blogs and Wild Hogs: A Collection of Quotations on Media

Laurie Lamon, The Fork Without Hunger, poetry collection

Michael Le Roy, Research Methods in Political Science: An Introduction Using MicroCase,with Michael Corbett

James McPherson, Journalism at the End of the American Century 1965-Present; Getting the News Right: The Resurgence of Conservatism in the Press

Arlin Migliazzo, Community, Identity, and Cultural Adaptation on the Southern Frontier: A Social History of Purrysburg Township, South Carolina, 1732-1865

Doug Sugano, N-Town Plays, for the Middle English Text Series

Noelle Wiersma, "The Perceived Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on the Adult Relationship Partners of Female Primary Survivors," a chapter in Child Abuse and Its Impact

Articles Published

Vic Bobb, "The Value of Redundancy," IT Trends; "People, Problems, and Passwords: A Few Ways of Avoiding Having to Say 'Uneasy Lies the Head (That Wears the 'Network Security' Crown),'" IT Trends; "Whether or Not Bigger Is Better…Bigger Is Here to Stay," IT Trends; 12 human-interest stories, Ruralite; "Big Money For Good Causes," Poker Pro; "Bobble head collectible dolls in the likenesses of professional poker players, antique playing cards, and the poker scenes at Whitworth University and The Ohio State University," Poker Pro

Kerry Breno, "Organometallic Chemistry in Aqueous Solution: Reactions Catalyzed by Water-soluble Molybdocenes," Coordination Chemistry Reviews, with Ahmend, Pluth, Dalzarek, and Tyler

Donald Calbreath, "Perspectives in Science and Christian Faith," Stem Cell Ethics, with Adrian Teo

Lyle Cochran, 20-page appendix in Student Study Guide for Linear Algebra and Its Applications

James Edwards, "The Duties of Love: A Christian Response to Homosexual Behavior," Theology Matters; "A Word of Christ to the Church: A Bible Study on Revelation," Theology Matters; "How Can Our Denomination Become What it Ought to Be?" Theology Matters

Karin Heller, "L'Eucharistie, Opus Redemptionis et Mysterium Unitatis. In memoriam Louis Bouyer1913-2004" in Nouvelle Revue théologique; "La vision de l’humain et du divin dans 'La Quête de l’Oiseau du Temps' à la Lumière de l’Anthropologie religieuse" in Mythe et Bande dessinée; "Martin Luther on Marriage: His Teachings and Experience" in Anthropotes; "Marriage or Singleness for the Sake of Christ?" an essay in A Story for College Faith 3: 150 Christian Leaders and Educators share Faith Stories from their Student Days

James Hunt, "Travel and Service in the Formation of Leadership," The Global Citizen

Dan Keberle, five arrangements for jazz ensemble published by the University of Northern Colorado Jazz Press: Nemesis, by Eric Alexander; Grand Central, by John Coltrane; Juju, by Wayne Shorter; Down Under, by Freddie Hubbard; and Fuller Love, by Bobbie Watson

Scott Kolbo, "Faith + Vision: Twenty-five Years of Christians in the Visual Arts," images and essay; "25 Emerging Artists," CIVA Scene Journal, images and essay

Laurie Lamon, poems published in The New Republic, The Colorado Review, Northwest Review and Willow Springs; "Praise," a poem, 180 More Extraordinary Poems for Every Day; "The Fork Without Hunger," a poem, Poetry Daily; "Pain Thinks of Achilles," a poem, Poetry Daily

Lisa Laurier, "Pre-Service Teachers Engage in Family Literacy" (co-authored), Affective Reading Education Journal

Diane Marr, "Safeguarding Your Addiction-Free Lifestyle: A Program for Christian Men in Recovery," Relapse Prevention Web Site Program, with Ken Pecka

Karla Morgan, "The Neuroeconomics of Distrust: Gender Differences in Behavior and Physiology," American Economic Review, with P.J. Zak, W. Metzner, R. Kurzban

Adam Neder, "Jesus, God and the Gospel," reForm

Pamela Parker, "In Good Company: Fifteen Years Later," Writing Women

Bendi Schrambach, "Narrative, Genre and Community in Marguerite de Navarre's L'Heptameron and Baudelair's Le Spleen de Paris," French Review

Karen Stevens, "Using Visible Absorption to Analyze Solutions of Kool-Aid and Candy," Journal of Chemical Education

Richard Stevens, "Robotics Projects as an Integration Exercise in Sophomore-Junior Level Analog Electronics Course," American Journal of Physics

Ann Teberg, "Pre-Service Teachers Engage in Family Literacy," co-authored, Affective Reading Education Journal

Adrian Teo, "Embryonic Stem Cells and a Reformed Christian Worldview: A Response to Robert Boomsma," Perspective on Science and Christian Faith,with Don Calbreath

Diana Trotter, Mirror, Mirror: The Body Image Show,DVD/video available for public purchase; "Interactive Theatre Techniques in First Year Seminars," a chapter, Moorcock Book

Patrick Van Inwegen, "Velvet Revolution: An Actor-Based Model," Peace and Change

Gordon Wilson, "Communities in Crisis," The Fig Tree and The Spokesman-Review; "Sanctuary," artwork about the Gulf Coast experience, The Spokesman-Review

John Yoder, "Good Governance and Political Culture: The Liberian Example," Lagos Notes and Records: A Journal of the Faculty of Arts; "Observations Regarding the Liberian Elections of 2005," McGill International Review; "Reconstructing Liberian Political Culture: Tentative Suggestions," Liberian Studies Journal


Philip Baldwin, Beethoven’s Harp Quartet Op. 74, performance Moses Lake, Wash., and Post Falls, Idaho; "Symphony Soiree" series performance, Davenport Hotel, Spokane; conductor, Junior All-State Orchestra, Olympia, Wash.; Blast Off to Music’s Energy,original script for the Spokane Youth Symphony Children’s Concert; conductor,Spokane Junior Symphony Orchestra; violin performances, Spokane Symphony Orchestra and Coeur d’Alene Symphony; violin master class, Holy Names Academy, Spokane; violin master class, University of Idaho

Ben Brody, music director, Whitworth production of "Godspell"; director of music, Colbert Presbyterian Church

Brent Edstrom, soloist and clinician, University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau, Alaska

Deborah Hansen, conductor, Disney’s "Beauty and the Beast," Coeur d’Alene Summer Theatre; director of music, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Spokane

Rick Hornor, director, "I'm Not Rappaport" and "Biloxi Blues," staged readings, Spokane Civic Theatre

Dan Keberle, director, with guest artists Diane Schuur and Karri Allyson, Spokane Jazz Orchestra; created the first Whitworth Summer Jazz Camp for high-school students

Scott Kolbo, "Embracing the Gift," CIVA 2005 Juried Exhibition, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, Calif.; "Honky Tonks & Mnemonics: To Aid the Memory,"Centro Cultural Antiguo Colegio Jesuita, Patscuaro, Michoacan, Mexico; "Body/Body Question Print Exchange Exhibition" Southern Graphics Council Annual Conference 2006, Madison, Wis.; "Crossing Gene: American and Korean Printmaking Exchange Exhibition," Humanities Gallery, University of Wisconsin, Madison; "Crossing Gene:  American and Korean Printmaking Exchange Exhibition," Sun Contemporary Gallery, Seoul Gallery, Korea; "Printmaking," Boswell Hall Corner Gallery, North Idaho College, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Judith Schoepflin, performance, Washington State Music Teachers Convention, Gonzaga University; performance, 11th & 12th annual "Women Composers Series," Whitworth

Richard Strauch; "Barnburners and Partridge in a Pear Tree" performance with the Clarion Brass Choir; conductor of Whitworth Wind Symphony, Washington Music Educators Association Conference; conductor, Spokane British Brass Band Concert

Gordon Wilson, "Bread Upon the Waters," three-year CIVA traveling exhibit; "Arte Sagrado,"national juried exhibit, Concordia University, Austin, Texas; "Works of Heart: Annual Contemporary Art Exhibition," Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture, Spokane; "After Dinner Chair Affair," Spokane Art School Exhibit, Spokane


Forrest Baird, keynote address, second annual Gonzaga University Graduate Student Philosophy Conference

Philip Baldwin, "Teaching Musicality to Orchestra Students," National ASTA Conference; "Teaching Musicality to Orchestra Students," Arkansas Music Educator’s Conference; "Practical Practicing: 20 Tips to Avoid Mindless Repetition," Arkansas Music Educator’s Conference

Keith Beebe, "The McCulloch Manuscripts of the Cambuslang Revival, 1742: Scotland's First Oral History Project," Pacific Northwest AAR/SBL and ASOR Meeting, Gonzaga University

Frank Caccavo, "Study of the adhesion of Shewanella oneidensis to iron oxide minerals,"Biogeochemical Grand Challenge Symposium at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Nadine Chapman, "The Ethical Bond between Composition, Poetry and Leadership," CCCC Convention, San Francisco, Calif.; "Poetry and the Ethical Moment: Four Poets," Who Is My Neighbor? Reading and Faith in a Global Community, Conference on Christianty and Literature, Western Regional Meeting, Westmont College, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Heather Crandall, "Narratives of Poverty and the Working Poor in Prime-Time Television Crime Drama," Media Ecology Association Convergence, New York

Andrea Donahoe, "Hurricane Katrina," Inland Northwest Presbytery

Brent Edstrom, "Developing the Ear Within," Washington State Music Educator’s Convention

James Edwards, "Theological Anthropology and Eschatology," Augustine Theological Institute, Malta; "Navigating the Rapids of a Spiritual Revolution," Murdock Leadership Advance Conference, Vancouver, Wash.; "A Word of Christ to the Church," Presbyterian Coalition, Orlando, Fla.; "How Can Our Denomination Become What It Ought To Be?" Presbyterian Coalition, General Assembly, Birmingham, Ala.; "Lessons in Ministry from the Acts of the Apostles," Presidential Pastors’ Monthly Prayer Breakfast, Whitworth; "Who Does the World Say That I Am?" Wee Kirk Conference, Potawatomi Lodge, Ind.

Karin Heller, "Marriage in the Context of the Reformation and the Tridentine Reactions," Pacific Northwest Religion AAR/SBL and ASOR Meeting, Gonzaga University; "Toward a Common Understanding of the Lord's Supper," Pacific Northwest Religion AAR/SBL and ASOR Meeting, Gonzaga University; "A Genuine Implementation of the Liturgical Reform: Cardinal Lustiger's Parish Years in the Light of John Paul II's Teachings on Liturgy," The Liturgical Legacy of John Paul II, a colloquium organized by the Liturgical Institute of the University of Saint Mary of the Lake, Muundelein, Ill.

James Hunt, "John Muir's 1,000-Mile Walk in Shaping His Leadership," American Long Distance Hiker’s Association, Sierra Nevada Mountains

Michael Ingram, "Teaching to the Mission of the Small Christian College," National Communication Association, Boston, Mass.

Dan Keberle, "Beyond the Blues Scale," Washington Music Educators Association

Scott Kolbo, "Embracing the Gift: 25 Years of Faith and Vision," Christians in the Visual Arts Bi-Annual Conference, Azusa Pacific University; CIVA summer workshop, Gordon College, Wenham, Mass.

Margie Ness LaShaw, "The Impact of Faith on Ethical Choices in Business," Spokane Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants

Lisa Laurier, "Vocabulary Acquisition Strategies for Oral Language Development & Reading Acquisition," Eastern Washington University

Changnam Lee, "What Early Elementary Grade Teachers Say about Prerequisite Skills They Desire," Third International Conference for the Association for Positive Behavior Support, Reno, Nev.

Margo Long, keynote speaker, Idaho State Conference for Gifted Education; keynote speaker Washington State Conference for Gifted Education

Terry McGonigal, evening speaker, Family Conference for Mt. Herman Christian Conference Center

Alan Mikkelson, "Relational affection predicts resting heart rate and free cortisol secretion during acute stress," Human Affection Exchange: XIV, Western  States Communication Association, Palm Springs, Calif., with Floyd, Tafoya, Farinelli, La Valley, Haynes, Davis, & Wilson; "Affectionate communication accelerates neuroendrine stress recovery," Human Affection Exchange XIII, National Communication Association, Boston, Mass., with Floyd, Tafoya, Farinelli, La Valley, Haynes, Davis, & Wilson; "Differential Benefits & Risks of Nonverbal Affection Behavior for Women & Men," Southern States Communication Association, Dallas, Texas, with K. Floyd

Roger Mohrlang, "Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul," National University, Beijing, China

Sharon Mowry, "Future Educators for Character," a panel on Character Education Partnership, AACTE Conference, San Diego, Calif.; Character Education Panel, Character Education Partnership Conference, Higher Education Symposium, Atlanta, Ga.; "Accountability and Responsibility Through Character Education," AILACTE Conference, San Diego, Calif., with Barbara Sanders and Randall Michaelis; "Curriculum Mapping," St. George’s School Curriculum Committee; "Curriculum Mapping," St. George’s School Faculty Professional Development Professional Teacher Certificate Panel with OSPI director, OSPI January Conference, Seattle, Wash.; "Professional Teacher Certificate Program," Mead School District; coordinated the visit of Thomas Lickona to Whitworth and neighboring K-12 school districts, where he led a workshop, "Smart and Good High Schools," for middle- and high-school leadership teams

Adam Neder, keynote speaker, 12 in 1 Discipleship Conference, King College, Bristol, Tenn.

Pamela Parker, "Travel, Tourism and Resorts," Gaskell Society Conference, Manchester University Nineteenth-Century Studies Association’s Annual Conference, Salisbury University; "Jane Eyre in Cyberspace: Using Technology in the Victorian Literature Class," panel coordinator on pedagogical issues, British Women Writers Conference, University of Florida; "Missionary Textuality: Imperial Feminism and the White Woman’s Burden in Anna Leonowens’ Romance of the Harem," panel coordinator on Tolerance: British Women Writers and Religion Rocky Mountain Modern Languages Association Conference, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Rebekah Rice, "Action Theory," Seattle Pacific University

Brad Sago, "The Arrival of the Millennials in the Workplace," Leadership Connection, Spokane, Wash.; "The Arrival of Millennials on Campus," Economics & Business Faculty Research Seminar, Spokane

Barbara Sanders, "Accountability and Responsibility through Character Education,"Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education, Washington, D.C., with Sharon Mowry and Randall Michaelis

Barbara Sanders, "Eastern Washington Connections and Inquiry: Building Capacity for Change in Science & Math Instructional Practices," Washington Educational Research Association Annual Assessment Conference, Seattle, Wash., with Tuckerman, Hanson, Poindexter and Mendoza

Kamesh Sankaran, "Physics of Electric Propulsion," NASA Academy Summer Scholars, Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala.

Gerald Sittser, "Water from a Deep Well: What History Can Teach Us about Spirituality," First Presbyterian Church, Kennewick, Wash.; "God as Sculptor," Trabuco Canyon Presbyterian Church, Orange County, Calif.; "Praying When We Don’t See Answers," Northwestern College, Orange City, Iowa; "Belonging: The Spirituality of Early Christian Community," Northwestern College, Orange City, Iowa

Corliss Slack, "British Crusade Shrines," Medieval Association of the Pacific Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah

Dale Soden, "Unexpected Consequences of Religion in Pacific Northwest," Astoria, Ore.; "Japanese Americans at Whitworth in World War II," Pacific Coast Branch of the American Academy

Dennis Sterner, "The Role of Institutional Context in Recruiting and Preparing Teachers to Work in Diverse Settings: Challenges and Opportunities," Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education, San Diego, Calif., with Kline and Garrison; "State and Federal Policy Issues and AILACTE Institutions," Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education, San Diego, Calif.

Richard Stevens, "Fibonacci Numbers as Quantum Analogs," Washington/Oregon AAPT

Doug Sugano, "Research Opportunities for Japanese American WWII Scholarship," Pacific Northwest American Academy of Religion Conference

Ann Teberg, "Student Choices: Ownership and Assessment," College Reading Association Annual Conference, Georgia

Noelle Wiersma, "Theirs and Ours: The Reciprocal Impact of Therapist and Client Catastrophic Loss," The Cost of Caring Conference, Idaho Mental Health Counselors Association, Boise, Idaho, with Diane Marr; "Impact of Sexual Abuse on Male Partners of Female Survivors," 85th Annual Convention of the Western Psychological Association, Palm Springs, Calif.

Betty Williams, "BiomedicalResearch on Autism: Separating Science from Science Fiction," co-authored with Donald Calbreath, National Council for Exceptional Children Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah; "Independence Day: The Use of Flashcards to Improve Retention of Driver’s Licensing Material," International Association for Behavior Analysis, Chicago, Ill., with Lindy Anders and Stanley Smith; "The Effects of a Daily Report Card on Inappropriate Classroom Behavior on an Eighth-Grade Student Diagnosed as Behavior Disordered," International Association for Behavior Analysis, Chicago, Ill., with Nick Edwards and Danny Pecka

Gordon Wilson, visiting-artist presentation, Mount Spokane High School

Faculty Research

Linda Buff, visiting K-12 classrooms to learn from exemplary teachers about the integration of technology into the curriculum

Nadine Chapman, poetry and ethics for poets,dissertation research for doctorate from Gonzaga University

Deborah Hansen, literature and resources for treblechoirs

Doug Laher, Letta Microfinance (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) is a successful CMED program based on its Sustainable Transformational Development and its overall impact on families and communities, dissertation research on Christian microenterprise development in the third world; researchingentrepreneurship and ethical leadership development

Margie Ness LaShaw, accounting controls in small churches,dissertation research

Arlin Migliazzo, Lutheran Academy of Scholars (Harvard Divinity School): "From Social Gospel to Social Justice in the Pacific Northwest"; "Expo '74: The International Exposition on the Environment,"appearing in John E. Findling and Kimberly D. Pelle’s Historical Dictionary of World’s Fair and Exposition, for publication by McFarland Press in 2008

Karla Morgan, the effect of bilateral and regional trade agreements on trade-policy stability; CARTA, the gains and risks for the U.S. and Central America;legislative accountability and economic growth, with Marco Perez

Kamesh Sankaran, scientific collaboration:development of astrophysics plasma simulation codes with MP, with the National Space Science & Technology Center; wrote a proposal to the Research Corporation to conduct faculty-student research at Whitworth on the investigation of plasma flow detachment from magnetic fields using numerical simulation

Dale Soden, Lutheran Academy of Scholars (Harvard Divinity School): "From Social Gospel to Social Justice in the Pacific Northwest"

Melissa Sprenkle, "The Contemplations of Dead Bodies on Anglo-Saxon Heroic and Religious Literature," Weyerhaeuser Summer Research Fellowship

Richard Stevens, Science Research Initiative, principal investigator, Murdock Charitable Trust

Diana Trotter, "Interactive Theatre Techniques for the Classroom," Murdock Faculty Workshop

Noel Wescombe, collaborative study of sleep in college students,with Greg Belenky, at WSU, Spokane

Betty Williams, "Effective Treatment to Children with Autism Using Applied Behavior Analysis"; Visited five centers providing data-based treatment, interviewed staff and developers, and began writing chapters for a book

Faculty/Student Research

Philip Baldwin, violin master classat the University of Central Arkansas; work with Washington’s Shore Line and Newport High Schools

Linda Buff, piloting the CAT1 technology assessment program,with 10 undergraduate students and 22 ETC students

Rick Hornor, Acting I service- learning project with Mead Junior High School students, Mead, Wash.

Deanna Ojennus, faculty-directed research project with students to characterize protein subunits  of the yeast V-ATPase enzyme complex

External Grants

Kerry Breno, investigation into the synthesis and reactivity of novel group 6 and 7 hydroxyl-carbonyl complexes, Cottrell College Science Award Proposal, Research Corporation

Laurie Lamon, Washington State Artist Trust Grant for fall 2006 to prepare a second poetry collection, tentatively titled Figure Light

Kamesh Sankaran, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, $109,000 for faculty-student research, with Breno, Larkin, Sardinia, and R. Stevens

Richard Schatz, Fulbright Fellowship in East Timor

Corliss Slack, National Endowment for the Humanities grant for a summer seminar in pre-modern Islam, June/July 2005

Karen Stevens, $40,000 grant for startup funds for new chemistry faculty member (2005-2007), M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

John Yoder, U.S. Institute of Peace funding to hold a series of anti-corruption workshops in Liberia, with Dunn

Betty Williams, Starbucks and West Coast Hospitality grants to support the Literacy Center

Rob Wilson, $17,000, University of Birmingham, England


Angeles Aller, AP Spanish faculty consultant, The College Board

Philip Baldwin, adjudicated string competition, Washington State ASTA

Lee Anne Chaney, table leader, 2006 AP Biology Exam Reading, Lincoln, Neb.

Marc A. Hafso, board member, Washington State Chapter of American Choral Directors Association

Kimberly Hernandez, translation/interpretation of a marriage-training resource into a written text with audio accompaniment

Craig Hinnenkamp, consulted in the area of organizational behavior and change with several organizations

Michael Ingram, parliamentarian consulting with Idaho Education Association

Doug Laher, consulting work in entrepreneurship/finance

Changnam Lee, teaching Korean-language classes, Korean Language School of Spokane

Diane Marr, pro bono assistance to gifted learning-disabled youth through ongoing collaboration with secondary private school administration and faculty working toward tailoring education to the  youth’s special needs

Adam Neder, preaching, Knox, Colbert, and Loon Lake Presbyterian churches

Heather Rogers, fraud investigator and expert witness, Nez Perce County Prosecutor’s Office in a continuing felony-fraud case, State of Idaho v. Geoffrey S. Magnuson

Richard Schatz, forensic economics-consulting work for Michael Stricker case, Wilma Holland case, Elmer Doney case, David Linder case, and Captain Joseph Eanase case

Noel Wescombe, grant proposal preparation on sleep for his faculty-student research, with Michael Sardinia

Rob Wilson, pro bono legal-counseling work

Academic Recognition

Keith Beebe, Graves Award in the Humanities

James Edwards, Is Jesus the Only Savior? was named the 2006 Book of the Year in the apologetics/evangelism division by Christianity Today

Rick Hornor, Outstanding Volunteer, On Stage! (a program that uses theatre to work with adults coping with mental illness)

Laurie Lamon, finalist for the Lilly Foundation’s Alvin G. Meyer Poetry Prize and for the IPPY Awards (Independent Publishers Book Prize) for The Fork Without Hunger, poetry collection

Gerald Sittser, When God Doesn't Answer Your Prayer was awarded the 2005 Gold Medallion Award by Evangelical Christian Publishers Association