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World Hunger Project

Between 30,000 and 40,000 children under the age of 5 die every day on this planet due to the effects of starvation/malnutrition and diseases associated with the lack of nourishment. By the end of each semester, the students enrolled in Whitworth's Leadership Studies 350 course have had a positive effect on the problem of world hunger through their study of the problem and leadership action they take to impact someone or some group of people who suffer from the effects of global hunger.

Whitworth's vision has been the pursuit of intellectual and spiritual development for more than a century. Through decades of change, this fundamental purpose has remained firmly centered in the person of Jesus Christ. Our understanding of Christ is based on Scripture, the inspired and trustworthy record of God's self-disclosure and our final rule for faith and practice. Believing that God is the ultimate source of all truth and is to be loved with "all our mind and heart," Whitworth embraces freedom of inquiry and the unhindered pursuit of truth. Therefore, we equip our diverse student body to honor God, follow Christ and serve humanity, working for redemption and healing in a broken world.

Whitworth's educational principles are grouped broadly into three categories: the knowledge that students will gain, the skills we believe are needed to work effectively in the world, and the faith and values that our community seeks to reflect. These principles are interdependent; together they reflect an insitituion-wide commitment to provide a Whitworth education in which faith, learning and living are purposefully integrated.

Consistent with these principles, this second course in leadership studies curriculum serves to build on the knowledge of the theory of transforming leadership that was developed in Leadership Studies 250. The values around which the course is organized include leadership as service; leadership as it relates to Christian worldview and lifestyle; leadership in a diverse world; leadership in community; leadership as a collaborative activity; and the importance of reflective thought about leadership. Framed by these values, Leadership 350 focuses on learning about and practicing transforming leadership skills.

LS 350 Student Project Proposals