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Whitworth offers a program that combines English literature and history for an interdisciplinary study of the Medieval and Early Modern periods (MEMS) of European and Islamic history. Additional courses covering various aspects of this time period in such fields as art history, economics, modern languages, philosophy and theology, theatre and music history are available to students wishing to integrate a variety of fields into their study of the Medieval Period and the Early Modern Period. The directors of the program will act as advisors to students in creating a theoretical base for their individualized interdisciplinary program. The reading list, updated by faculty and student suggestions, provides the framework for integration of courses from various disciplines. The Medievalism page offers students some tools for interpreting uses of medieval and early modern themes in popular culture. The college offers a number of exciting off-campus study programs that can be incorporated into the minor.

Doug Sugano
Medieval Drama

Corliss Slack
Crusades History

Program Staff
Annie Stillar
English Department Program Assistant

Jennifer Lorenz
History Department Program Assistant

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