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Physical Therapy Student

Whitworth has a history of successfully preparing students for professional study in physical therapy. Graduates have trained in programs at Mayo Clinic, University of Washington, University of Indiana and Eastern Washington University. Whitworth's science departments offer the full range of courses required for entrance into most physical therapy graduate programs. In addition, Whitworth's rigorous liberal arts education gives students a broad knowledge base including analytic, critical thinking and communication skills that the American Physical Therapy Association specifically recommends for preparing students to thrive in graduate school and in later careers.

Whitworth does not offer a Physical Therapy degree, but instead prepares students for application into professional programs of their choice. As of 2002, all accredited Physical Therapy programs are post-baccalaureate. Although students are required to meet prerequisites for their prospective Physical Therapy schools the selection of a major should reflect the individual

Mike Ediger, D.H.Sc., of the Whitworth Health Sciences Department, advises students preparing for professional physical therapy schools. He may be reached by telephone at 509.777.4624 or by e-mail at