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Young Life Scholarships

Whitworth offers up to 20 one-year, $1,000 scholarships for students who plan to participate in Young Life leadership as part of their college experience. Scholarships are available in subsequent years to students who prove themselves committed and exemplary Young Life leaders.


  • Enroll in Foundations for Christian Leadership Course (TH 172/173), a two-credit course taught each semester of the freshman year that is designed to help students build a strong spiritual foundation for Christian leadership as they consider  service opportunities in a local Young Life club, campus ministry, or church youth group.
  • After completing the foundations course, students are evaluated and encouraged to take on leadership duties in the area of ministry to which they feel called.  
  • Students seeking to continue their involvement in Young Life leadership at Whitworth beyond their freshman year are encouraged to take Young Life Practicum/Student Staff Program (TH 391), an advanced discipleship/training program that allows sophomores, juniors and seniors to live out and expand their sense of calling to Young Life and youth ministry. Deeper levels of training and supervision allow students to grow personally, professionally and spiritually.

Application process
Students who are admitted to Whitworth and indicate on their enrollment application that they are interested in participating in Young Life at Whitworth will be directed to an online scholarship application. Students selected to receive the Whitworth Young Life Leadership Scholarship will be notified by letter, and the scholarship will be added to their Whitworth financial aid award.