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IACUC Application


All research, testing or instructional demonstration projects that include the use of vertebrate animals must be approved in advance by the Whitworth Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Additionally, IACUC approval must be obtained prior to significant changes in approved protocols. Significant changes are those that potentially affect the level of pain or discomfort that the animals might experience.

Approval of the IACUC is obtained by submitting a formal application outlining the proposed protocols for housing and/or using animals. If the protocol is incomplete or if any member of the IACUC requests clarification, you will be required to submit an amended form that includes the additional information.

Following IACUC review, an approval number will be assigned. No project involving the use of vertebrate animals should be initiated without an approval number. The number must accompany all requests for the procurement of animals whether directly or indirectly acquired. Only those species that are listed in the application may be procured.

The vivarium has a repository of information regarding anesthetic, analgesic and tranquilizer agents, laws and standards including Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.

The completed application should be emailed to lnoland@whitworth.edu for distribution to the IACUC members. It can also be dropped off in McEachran 223.