Faculty & Staff Annual Campaign
Hanaila Starks, '19
“Karin Heller [Theology] has made a huge impact on my life. She has taught me the importance of standing up for what I believe. She has also taught me to be courageous even when challenging an unpopular opinion.” Major: Business Administration
Hannah Palmer, '18
“My marketing-major advisor, David Sloan, has been so encouraging and excited about the work I am doing. His encouragement is a gracious and constant reminder that he believes in me and so I should believe in myself and my work.” Majors: Art/Graphic Design & Marketing
Eric Espinoza, '18
“My soccer coach, Morgan Cathey, is amazing. He is such a great father and husband. He knows so much about soccer. It is great to learn from him. He gives so much to our program every day. He works tirelessly for us and it shows immensely.” Majors: Community Health & Psychology
Sarah Dixit, '18
“Stacey George is my sociology advisor, and I often spend hours in her office just talking about life when I’m only scheduled for a 15-minute appointment. She has mentored me, especially through a lot of strong emotions this past year. I have helped her with some of her research, and I’m a teaching assistant for her this fall, which I am extremely excited about.” Major: Sociology

You’re the reason our students succeed. Through your dedication to your job and to supporting Whitworth, you help the university equip students to become the servant-leaders, innovators and teachers the world needs.

We invite you to donate to the Faculty & Staff Annual Campaign during the month of November. Your gift will support current students right now, allowing them to grow academically, spiritually and personally, and to fulfill their calling as passionate graduates.

Thank you for all you give to Whitworth.

You give. Students thrive. It’s a win-win for the world.

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