Instructional Technology & Media Services
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Instructional Technology and Media Services (ITMS) provides departments and individuals within the university with a number of audio and visual media, equipment, and production services. To obtain these services, please refer to the following policies and procedures.

What We Do

Presentation Equipment Support

ITMS assists faculty with classroom technology and projection needs, and provides audiovisual equipment support for classroom use, academic conferences, institutes, and public events held on campus. There is no charge to university departments for equipment use as long as the loan is connected with legitimate university coursework, research or administrative functions. Special fees may apply to conferences, camps, and other activities.

Equipment is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and instructional use takes priority over all other requests. Portable laptops for short-term instructional use such as professional development, conferences and special projects are available through Information Systems. They are loaded Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Laptops can be checked out for up to one week through the help desk. Contact for more information. Data projectors, screens and other audio-visual equipment is not available for off-campus use.

Media Collection

ITMS maintains a collection of DVDs, videotapes, audio tapes, audio CDs, and records to support classroom instruction, faculty and student research, and general campus viewing. Research is available for locating and acquiring films and tapes not currently in the Whitworth collection.

Production Services

We provide audio, DVD, and video conversion and duplication for academic needs.