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The Whitworth Intramural Sports Program provides the campus community with the opportunity to participate in a number of sports. The goal is for students to participate in sports in a fun and friendly environment. Seven intramural sports (individual and team) are offered each semester, including Ultimate Frisbee, flag football, soccer, volleyball, dodgeball and tennis.

Whitworth asks that intramurals athletes upholding high standards of integrity and fair play, acknowledging the idea of cooperative competition.

Check out the IMLeague Web Portal!!

Please contact Jordan Dale with any questions, concerns, or comments at or at extension (777) 4554. If you experience problems with the website, use the chat button below the upper right corner sign-in to "talk" to an IM leagues worker -- they are extremely helpful, and they want your intramurals experience to run smoothly. For more information on intramurals, visit the U-Rec Center front desk.

Jordan Dale
Intramurals Coordinator
Whitworth University

All team sports are $15 per team. Fees for tennis will vary. Please bring all team payments to the U-Rec front desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are intramurals?
Intramurals are designed to engage the campus community in a number of sports throughout the academic year. These sports provide competition on campus for both recreational and competitive athletes. Teams compete once or twice a week for 5-6 weeks.

Who is eligible to play intramurals?
Any current Whitworth University student, faculty or staff member.

How do I register for intramurals?
All team and individual registrations will be on, the official Whitworth Intramural website.