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Theme Houses

Another opportunity for living on campus is the theme-house program. This program is designed to give sophomore, junior and senior students a unique living environment close to campus that focuses on an educational and/or service-oriented program of each resident's choice. Students apply in the spring for the theme that they are interested in pursuing in a communal setting with 2-5 other students for the following year. Whitworth's housing program currently includes over twenty theme houses.

Click here to read about theme-house application guidelines. Click here for the theme-house map. (Campus Intranet access is required.)

2015-16 Theme Houses and Mission Statements
Awake We seek to facilitate the uniting of Spokane's college-aged students as one body in Christ. As a ministry, we believe that the truest form of the gospel can be seen in Jesus' story as well as in the stories of the people around us.
Cair Paravel We want to encourage a love of reading and of diving into fantastical stories to emerge with resounding truths. As castle Cair Paravel is a shining beacon to Narnia, so we endeavor to be a city on a hill and shine the light of Jesus to our Whitworth and Spokane communities.
Disney for Dinner Disney for Dinner seeks to foster an environment of cultural awareness and closeness through motifs presented in Disney films. While considering diversity, we will also engage the child at the heart of our residents and guests by allowing them to experience the joys of favorite childhood movies.
Eat, Pray, Love  At the Eat, Pray, Love Theme House, our mission is to promote cultural exploration. We hope to educate the Whitworth community by demonstrating that food is a bridge to building relationships, exploring cultures and ultimately developing a greater worldview. With a broader worldview, we can begin to recognize the impact that spirituality has on lives across the globe. 
Espresso Yourself We want to create a place where students can come together, drink coffee, and de-stress. Our events will include making espresso drinks, sharing life stories, playing games, and eating chocolate. All are welcome.
Fiesta Fiesta House strives to build community through good food and conversations, as well as to provide the Whitworth community with access to Latin American culture and cuisine.
Futbol Our goal is to provide a comfortable place for people to chill and be social.
Game Palace The goal of Game Palace is to build community by providing a place to relax and play games.
Hale Pa'ina "Hale Pa'ina" means "House of Celebration."  The goal of our house is to educate and spread Hawaiain culture to students at Whitworth through meals and other activities. 
House of Cookies We believe that a sweet treat is the perfect thing to bring people together and that humanity has a love affair with a sweet little something to munch on. We come from various ethnic backgrounds, and we all have an interest and passion in experiencing new cultures. We hope to share this enthusiasm for exploring new cultures by experiencing their cuisine -- particularly in the shape of the universally beloved cookie, which is as diverse as the people and cultures throughout the world.
Ignite Our motto is "to provide a spark to the community of Spokane." Our goal is to connect Whitworth students with volunteer opportunities within the Spokane and Whitworth communities. 
Just Relax We want to encourage the students of Whitworth to find the time to take care of themselves both mentally and physically by encouraging them to pause in their busy lives. We will provide students with the opportunity to relax and take a break from the stresses of college life.
Movies and Popcorn The goal for our house is to provide a place for people to come take a break from the daily demands of being a college student and enjoy movie marathons! 
Stories and Sweets C.S. Lewis said that “Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably.” The Stories and Sweets Theme House strives to carry out this belief by offering an encouraging place that combines a passion for literature and a passion for baking.
Sweet Escape We seek to facilitate an environment in which people can escape and enjoy good company along with heart-warming sweets.
Swimming (Men's) The Swimming Theme House seeks to be a somewhat off-campus location for swimmers to gather and grow as a team, which in turn allows us to be positive examples of student-athletes for the Whitworth community. Though our events primarily cater to swimmers, we always encourage swimmers to bring their friends to be indoctrinated as honorary members of the swimmer clan.
S'women The S'Women Theme House is where the women's swim team resides. We incorporate swimming into the many facets of our lives and our community by hosting a variety of events like team Bible study, study sessions, and team functions. 
The Breakfast Club The breakfast club is a safe place to invite individuals to come share their unique differences and have conversations while enjoying some tasty breakfast!
The Field House The mission of The Field House is to provide a warm and nurturing environment for student-athletes. We want to empower and enrich the holistic student-athlete, and our goal is to encourage our peers to dream big, work hard, and change the world. We believe in three foundational pillars to help us live this mission: Live PASSIONATELY, be DEDICATED, and act FEARLESS.
The Only Children We invite groups including, but not limited to, the International Club and APOW (Adopted Pirates of Whitworth) to find a brotherhood, sisterhood, and community at our theme house. We offer students a safe place off campus when they need to get away from the day-to-day Whitworth and dorm atmosphere. We hope not only to serve the Whitworth student body, but also to reach out to the Spokane community.
The White House We seek to promote political awareness to an electorate that is less likely to vote: college students. Through practical and informed discussions, we hope to help students understand the importance of the electoral process, to know what the issues are through current events, to have their voices heard through voting, and to develop general excitement in politics.
Thrifty Our goal is to give back to the Whitworth community by teaching people how to live simpler and more thrifty life. We want to show people that thrifting is not only fun, but an easy way to save money.
USA We seek to be a fun and safe place for students. We watch films and serve meals that represent the many cultures throughout America. We will also host guest speakers for Q & A sessions throughout the year.
W.E.S.P.N. Our theme house is a place where people can come enjoy game days with other sports fanatics. We love to watch a wide variety of sports: football, basketball, golf, soccer, rugby, etc. The purpose of our theme house is to provide an environment for sports fans to enjoy watching their favorite teams and to get students involved with the student sections at Whitworth sporting events.