The Journey

Personal Essays


Stephanie Baker
+ Sushi Addicts
+ Slacktivism

Alex Blade
+ Car Wreck Horror on Halloween
+ Husky Football and My Father

Rebekah Daniels
+ Learning from Defeat

Andrea Glover
+ Ghost Town

Jerod Jarvis
+ April Fool's Day
+ Go Ahead Write a Blog

Andra Kenoly
+ Bipolar Disorder

Chelsea Kwast
+ Stage Fright

Evanne Montoya
+ Long Distance Relationships
+ Opening Doors

Jesse Prichard
+ Ice Skating

Bailey Urness
+ Perfect performance

Colin Zalewski
+ Choosing Your Own Attitude
+ Mandeville’s Journey


Nikki Bardwell
+ Jack of All Trades
+ Turning the Other Cheek
+ Garland Printing: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Aaron Bowen
+ Freedom and Social Justice: The Lisa Bade Story
+ Conflict Within Culture: First and Second Generation Russians
+ Ferguson's Diner: The 1950's in 2009

Chris Caldwell
+ Ballad of Babies
+ Leaping the Educational Barrier
+ Coin and Concession

Eric Crowell
+ Finding Meaning While Fulfilling Dreams
+ Spokane Bookstores Thrive in National Recession
+ Sew EZ Too

Natalie Ervin
+ Discovering a Calling
+ Breaking the Stigma
+ Destiny Floral & Gifts: Providing a Personal Touch

Michael Harri
+ Robotics Team Cultivates Learning in Young Engineers
+ Cochlear Implants Sending New Vibrations
+ Cole's Has a Knack for Music

Kaitlin Jones
+ From Whitworth to Harvard
+ The Depression of Age
+ The Family Attic

Rachel Lynn
+ A Journey in Cairo
+ Hmong: A Culture Striving to Keep Its Identity
+ Save the Planet, Buy Shoes

Shawna McNally
+ A New Approach to Helping the Community
+ The Controversy of Same-Sex Marriage
+ For the Love of Books

Chelsie Moyer
+ Marchensini Makes New Nicaraguan Opportunities
+ Intermarriage: an Asian American Struggle Between Freedom and Culture
+ Garland Theatre: a Destination for Children

Annie Ogdon
+ To Make a Difference: A Business to Sustain a Community
+ Spokane's Gay Community and It's Youth
+ The Mockingbird Didn't Cry

Aaron Quigly
+ Unintentional Prejudice
+ Guitar Duo

Justin Scott
+ Improving Lives by Crashing Yards
+ Building an Ark for the Arts
+ Tinman Gallery: We're Off to See the Wizard

Ninita Sporseen
+ Michael Schmautz Empathizes with the People of Palestine
+ Ghanaian Students Want to See Their Home Country Advance
+ Lorraine Fine Jewelry: More Than Just Designs


Zak Cannard
Personal Essay + My First Mistake in Youth Ministry

Derek Casanovas
+ Whitworth's Watery Watchman

Molly Enkema
+ Green Alumni

Ali Hudak
Personal Essay + Read More

Travis Huskisson
+ Giving Back
+ Keeping Fit After Graduation
Personal Essay + Colorado Hates Me By

Alyssa Jones
Personal Essay + Icicles hanging on Grandma's roof, Christmas Eve dinner, and last year's summer in California;

Lauren Klees
+ Discovered Her Calling as a Child, Still Living her Dream at 79
Personal Essay + As One Life Influences Another
Personal Essay + Professors, Alumni and Students Let Go and Embrace New Art Building

Caleb Knox
+ Called to Serve: Whitworth Alumnus Leads Missions
Personal Essay + My Life as a High School Mascot
Personal Essay + Music of 2003

Jasmine Linabary
+ Through the lens: Alumnus records stories of Vietnam, world

Grady Locklear
+ Them's Eating Words: An Insight on Culture Through Cuisine
Personal Essay + Read More

Jessica Normile
Personal Essay + Whitworth Alumni Serve the World as "Krista Colleagues"

Erica Schrader
Personal Essay + The Power of One

Tyler Tupper
+ Ruble profile
Personal Essay + Read More

Kerri Youngs
Personal Essay + Read More


Katy Chapin
+ Building Community through Technology and Innovation
Davenport Project + Volunteers Drop Everything in Order to Help
Personal Essay + Crazy Kid Experience Leads to Career Change

Rob Clark
+ Young Life Enjoying More Than 50 Years of Success in Spokane
Personal Essay + The Calling of a Disciple

Michele Gregg
+ Whitworth Alumni Living out Monasticism in a Revolutionary Way
+ Microenterprise Development Implemented From a Christian Perspective
Davenport Project + Festival is a Showcase of Community Spirit
Personal Essay + Finding Commonality among Social Classes

Rachel Johnson
+ Career Changes among Whitworth Alumni
+ Whitworth Alumnus Expresses Creativity through Professional Disc Jockeying and Other Artistic Forms
Davenport Project +
Aging House Remains a Comfort for Local Citizens in Davenport, Washington
Personal Essay + Small-Town Girl Finds Identity in a Big-Time School

Jennifer Morris
Why Women Don't Make as Much as Men, and What They Can Do about It
+ A Whitworth Graduate's Life in Lights
Davenport Project +
Rangers Balance Tourism with Park Preservation
Personal Essay + The Right to Speak

Megan Rieger
The Joys and Cares of Custodial Grandparenting
+ Graduate Seeks to Lead a School District in Whitworth-like Style
Davenport Project + Restoration of a County Landmark Takes Great Perseverance
Personal Essay + An Unlikely Bond Emerges between Tutor and Refugee

Shelby Simmons
+ Whitworth alumni follow their calling to live out their faith in a tangible way
+ Whitworth Alumna Follows her Dreams of Caring for Those with Disabilities
Davenport Project + An Unlikely Volleyball Coach Creates a Legendary Team
Personal Essay + Judgmental Woman Opens the Eyes of Students to Their Own Prejudices

Tim Takechi
+ Christian Theatre as More than Just Church Skits
+ Serving the Underprivileged a Privilege in Itself
Davenport Project
+ Hospital Provides Comfort and Care Close to Home

Personal Essay
+ Recapturing a Lost Passion

Blair Tellers
+ Artists Are Not Always Starving in the World of Creativity
+ An Art Professor's Contributions to Students and Community

Davenport Project + Catholic Cemetery Remains Undisturbed and Untended

Personal Essay + To Act or Not to Act: The Shakespeare Dilemma

Daniel Walters
+ What's Their Beef? More and More Americans are becoming Vegetarians
+ Destruction and Redemption, as recorded by Keith Spitzer.
Davenport Project + Davenport's Lodging comes in Three Shades
Personal Essay + Three friends rise to celebrity status for one night

Jeff Wilson
+ A Change of Mind and Heart
+ The Journey of the Ironman: Long-Distance Trials
Davenport Project + Farmers Pioneer New Seeding Methods

Personal Essay+ A Lesson from the Past