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Racial Injustice, Housing, and Spokane History, Lecture by Logan Camporeale

Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017
7:00 p.m.
Local historian Logan Camporeale, M.A., will give a presentation on racial restrictive covenants in Spokane history. These housing policies specified that “no race or nationality other than the white race” were permitted to live in certain neighborhoods. Spokane, like many other locations nationwide, used these restrictive covenants between the 1930s and 1960s. Shockingly, these discriminatory polices remain in current housing documents, despite being unenforceable by federal and state law. Mr. Camporeale uncovered this segregationist Spokane history while working in the State Archives. After subsequent research and contacting the Center for Justice and Spokane City Council, he began speaking publicly in the fall of 2016. He published his research on and received media coverage in the Spokesman Review. Mr. Camporeale’s keynote will discuss this engaging local history and the potential for activism to address the legacy of this injustice.

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Logan Camporeale is a public, local, and digital historian living and working in Spokane who holds a Master’s Degree in History from Eastern Washington University (June, 2017). As part of his MA program, he worked at the Washington State Archives, Digital Archives and Washington State Archives, Eastern Region Branch. Currently, he is the Volunteer Coordinator at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. He is also a contributor and editor of the Spokane Historical website, blogger at, and an activist in the archives.

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