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Hunt for the Buc's - HEAT Scavenger Hunt

Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017
7:00 p.m.
This is an all-campus scavenger hunt to promote physical wellness and to build community amongst Whitworth students. The event will be held primarily in the Loop but will require participants to venture into various buildings on campus. At each location, every team will perform the given task (often physically demanding) and take a picture to achieve points. Once one task is complete they are encouraged to move on to another in an attempt to secure the most points in performing the most tasks. Once a team has finished every task--or the allotted time (one hour) has passed--each team will return to the Loop where the event leaders will designate a winning team. The goals of this event are three-fold: to engage students in fun physical activity, to build community and aid in sharing Whitworth traditions, and to educate participants in various health-related trivia (provided in Schumacher Hall).
The Loop Campanile
Anya Nordling, HEAT member
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Health and Counseling Center

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