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Lecture "Judaism, Christianity & Islam: Why are Abraham's Children Still Fighting?" by Dr. David L. Eastman

Thursday, April 5, 2018
7:00 p.m.
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the three primary religious traditions of the western world. All three trace their roots back to Abraham, so how can they be so different from each other? And why has there been such a history of animosity between followers of these religious traditions? This discussion begins with the story of Abraham himself, because the seeds of dissent and rivalry are sown there. After considering the historical perspective, we will then consider how a better understanding of religious narratives can empower us to be more thoughtful and responsible citizens of our contemporary world. Dr. David L. Eastman is associate professor of religion at Ohio Wesleyan University.
Weyerhaeuser Hall 107
Debbie Stierwalt
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