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Virtual Workshop: Coping with Racial Battle Fatigue

Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020
7:00 p.m.
Join us for a virtual workshop on Racial Battle Fatigue with Tiranny Thurmond, a college administrator, licensed graduate professional counselor, and diversity and inclusion leader.

It can be difficult battling emotions at this time. Many of us are experiencing feelings of frustration, constant stress and anxiety, insomnia, depression, difficulty thinking or speaking, and emotional and social withdrawal in response to racial stressors. This feeling is called racial battle fatigue (RBF) and it causes people of color to experience various forms of mental, emotional, and physical strain.

This 1-hour interactive session will:
• Define race based stressed, racial trauma, and racial battle fatigue (RBF).
• Examine how RBF impacts POC mentally, socially, and physically.
• Identify ways to cope and manage the stress associated with RBF.
• Introduce allies to ways to support POC during this time of high racial tension and stress.

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