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The Whitworth University Campus Experience Survey

Share your perspectives about your experiences at Whitworth!
Tell your story!
Every voice counts.
Let your voice be heard.

Win Prizes!!!
(A raffle will be held for everyone who completes the survey)

  • One private catered dinner for six people (up to $200) in the Sumner Room
    (President's Dining Room)
  • Two $50 Pirate Bucks Certificates
  • Eight $25 gift certificates for the Whitworth Bookstore

Dear Whitworth Community,

By now, you have received an invitation from Halualani & Associates to complete the Whitworth Campus Experience Survey.

Whitworth resolves to deliver "an education of mind & heart, equipping graduates to honor God, follow Christ and serve humanity." In order to deliver on this promise, we want to be sure we are consistently providing members and guests of the Whitworth community a safe and hospitable environment for learning, working and living. To achieve this goal, we are asking that you take a few minutes of your time to complete the Whitworth Campus Experience Survey. In doing so, you will make a significant contribution to our efforts to learn more about what our community is doing well, and about areas of opportunity that will enable us to improve our ability to fulfill Whitworth's mission.

Please accept in advance my appreciation for the investment of your time in completing this survey.


Beck A. Taylor

Beck A. Taylor


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