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Green Dot WhitworthWhitworth Green Dot

Whitworth Green Dot acts on the belief that we are called to care for each other.

The Green Dot movement is about gaining a critical mass of students, staff and faculty who are willing and equipped to do their small part to reduce power-based personal violence and make our world a safer place for everyone.

A Green Dot is any behavior, choice or action that promotes safety for everyone and sets the cultural norm that violence of any kind is not acceptable.

Ending violence. One Green Dot at a Time!

Follow these links for Green Dot interaction created by our own Whitworth students:

  • Green Dot jingle, created by Kyle Moreen, '15
  • Green Dot video, created by Shannon Winant, '13, and Peter Delap, '14
  • Green Dot game, an interactive way to discover ways to create green dots. Created by Jesse Gylling, '14, Balin Larson, '16, Iakov Puzankov, '14, and Airon Lynch, '15
  • Green Dot game, fun and addictive. Created by Hannah Gamiel, '15, Faith Gleason, '16, and Billy Tipke, '13
Contact Information

To find out more about Green Dot, contact:

Rhosetta Rhodes
Vice President, Student Life

Jill Royston
Prevention Specialist