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Goal 6: Enhance Whitworth's strengths in graduate and continuing studies

Whitworth aspires to be the university of choice in the Inland Northwest for adults pursuing selected graduate or nontraditional undergraduate degrees. Whitworth will build on its strong reputation for student-centered faculty, small class sizes, and innovative delivery models to offer education programs that advance its graduates' careers and extend the university's mission and influence in the market.

Whitworth University districtObjectives:

  • Establish ongoing assessment of graduate and continuing studies programs based on mission fit, academic quality, and market sustainability.

  • Implement a strategic enrollment and integrated marketing plan that results in sustained growth in graduate and continuing studies programs.

  • Develop Whitworth's online education capabilities to complement face-to-face instruction and to reach broader, underserved markets in the region.

Goal 6: Key Performance Indicators

Freddy LimeSpotlight: Freddy Lime

After serving 22 years on active duty in the U.S. Air Force and several more years as a safety manager for the Personnel Recovery Academy at Fairchild Air Force Base, Freddy Lime recognized that he needed a bachelor's degree to advance in his career. He was turned on to Whitworth's organizational management program by colleagues who spoke highly of the program's excellent instruction and the convenience of its accelerated format and evening and weekend courses.

The university's recent decision to open a location in Spokane's University District put a Whitworth education within reach for many students, including Lime, who live and work closer to downtown Spokane than to Whitworth's main campus. "Having a full-time job as well as a working spouse and two kids makes it a challenge to juggle work, family and school responsibilities, so the time I save being able to take classes downtown is a big plus," Lime says. "There are students who drive over an hour to attend classes through the Whitworth in the Evening program, so Whitworth's plans to offer distancelearning opportunities to more students in underserved areas in the region will also be a great benefit."