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Goal 8: Exercise diligent stewardship in growing Whitworth's financial and capital resources

Whitworth aspires to expand its constituent and resource bases to advance the university's mission with comprehensive and sustainable excellence. Significantly increased giving and sound stewardship of all university resources will enable Whitworth to invest in strategic initiatives and make improvements to the quality of the student experience.


  • Engage and expand Whitworth's constituency base while fostering relationships and a culture of philanthropy that significantly increase giving to the university. Whitworth seeks to meet these objectives by achieving a 25 percent alumni giving rate, growing the endowment to $180 million, and establishing an annual strategic investment fund of at least $600,000.

  • Execute an enrollment and financial aid plan that supports Whitworth's accessibility and economic sustainability while stabilizing traditional undergraduate enrollment at 2,300 students.

  • Initiate ongoing review and reallocation of existing resources to align with strategic priorities.

  • Pursue new sources of revenue from grants, collaborations, corporate sponsorships, and alternative uses of campus property.

  • Develop and maintain facilities and grounds consistent with the campus master plan and the university's accessibility and sustainability goals.

  • Manage Whitworth's facilities and operations in accordance with God's call to be faithful stewards of creation and with our responsibility to future generations.

  • Enhance awareness and recognition of Whitworth's distinctive brand in existing markets and in selected Western U.S. markets outside Washington state.

Goal 8: Key Performance Indicators

Anya KrmpotichSpotlight: Anya Krmpotich, '12

With both of her parents deceased and no outside financial support for college, Anya Krmpotich, '12, faced some major obstacles in her dream to earn a degree. Fortunately, a large group of Whitworth alumni from the classes of 1950-54 have been working for two decades to build a scholarship endowment to help dreams come true for students like Krmpotich. Led by former longtime trustees and fellow 1951 alums Dick Cole and Art Symons, the Early Fifties Scholarship Endowment has reached nearly $1 million and provides scholarships each year to many students with significant financial need.

Krmpotich, a biology and Spanish double major who is considering a career in medicine, feels blessed to be able to complete her senior biology courses in the new Robinson Science Hall. "Scholarships are the sole reason I have been able to attend college and have the hope of obtaining a degree from a high-quality university like Whitworth," she says. "I hope to be an example to my younger brother, showing him that we can move forward, grow and achieve even after extremely difficult moments."